Patil’s track-1: why to start #We_Support_CRPAATIL social media campaign in defense

Dilip Patel
Gandhinagar, 17 April 2021

Gujarat BJP chief CR Patil is a controversial man.
#We_Support_CRPAATIL – We support CR Patil Campaign launched in Surat. Why did he do this? Patil never had credit in Gujarat people. Again he lost his credit. Now he is making his credit by We support CR Patil Campaign.

In this, Patil planned to infiltrate 2 lakh BJP workers at 4500 government places of the vaccine. Instead of staying there, the party itself became the government. The BJP office itself is in competition with the government machinery. Patil started injecting Corona’s medicine into the party’s office to Loco. This was an illegal act. It violated many laws.

That is why the people of Gujarat have started remembering Patil’s old legal allegations. People have started re-circulating the affidavit given during the Lok Sabha elections on social media. More than 100 of his legal charges are fresh. Patil’s image as an accused was once again falling apart. He has had to launch a V Support CR Patil campaign to improve that image.

He is the party president and usually, there is no need to campaign for this support. But Patil had to improve his tarnished image. If Patil starts such a campaign, then in front of people, started camping with the support of Chief Minister Vijay Rupani.

Politics of corona injection
Rupani himself went to bifurcation when Patil asked BJP workers to infiltrate 4,500 government vaccination centers. Rupani never publicly spoke of this intrusion.

There was widespread outrage in Amreli over-vaccinating 5,000 people. Patil and Amreli cooperative, BJP leader Dilip Sanghani have come together. Before, the two leaders have already challenged Rupani and Amit Shah.

Hence the fight against the Rupani government was publicly fought in Amreli. The government and party leaders started their programs. BJP workers did not wear masks and did not maintain social distance. BJP workers were beaten up for mistreating local police officers.

Sanghani attacked Rupani by escorting the police officer. War broke out between the two. Eventually, Patil and Sanghani got the police officer transferred. In addition, Patil started an injection camp at the BJP office in Surat, which exposed the party’s internal politics. Rupani used to ask Patil where the injection came from, not me. With this answer, the internal politics of the BJP was revealed.

In the loco, Patil’s image was once again smeared. Social media became the campus for the reform of this image. (translated from Gujarati)  ૉ