33% patients from Maharashtra in the country, the situation is more dangerous than before

There has been a record increase in coronavirus patients across the country. Maharashtra has accounted for more than one-third of the total coro patients in the last three months and now the number of infected patients has reached 30,542.

In the last 24 hours, 3,041 new cases have been reported in Maharashtra, bringing the total number of infected people to over 50,000. Corona virus has so far killed 1,635 people in Maharashtra. In Mumbai alone, the number of infected patients has reached 30,542.

The situation in Maharashtra is the worst. On March 24, when the first lockdown was implemented in the country, 5 per cent of the total corona cases in the country were from Maharashtra. But two months later, when the number of infected people in the country increased to 3 out of 1 patients are from Maharashtra.

From the initial cases of Corona in 3 months till date maximum cases are coming from Maharashtra. On March 24, when the first lockdown was imposed in the country, the country’s corona virus infection was 5th in Maharashtra. Now a third have become patients. However the number of corona tests there is the most being discovered. The number of patients is increasing as the state government is doing a good job of this. But unlike Gujarat, the number of patients has not been reduced.

The number of infected people has crossed 1.3 lakh in the country. If we talk about corona virus infection in the last 10 days, then more than 40% of the new cases reported are from Maharashtra alone. Other states like Maharashtra may have the highest number of corona in the country testing more patients.

The Uddhav government has failed to fully control the Corona in the last three months. Mumbai and Pune in particular, like Ahmedabad, are not seeing any impact on the Maharashtra government’s preparations.

If no one enters or leaves the city, we can control the virus without spreading it elsewhere. But it is not easy to isolate entire cities like Mumbai. Especially if there are economically viable cities like Mumbai and Pune in terms of financial and industrial welfare of the country. That is not possible there. It is difficult to do the same in Ahmedabad.