8 percent of the passengers in Ahmedabad’s red buses, 90 percent of the city is closed from Corona in 80 days

Ahmedabad, 28 June 2020

In Ahmedabad, Gujarat,  passenger is allowed to sit on a seat in a red bus. Therefore only 30 percent passengers get. AMTS has a daily income of Rs. 22 lakh rupees were reduced. 3.5 lakhs. 15 to 29 percent of revenue is gone.

If the entire bus is full of passengers, there is a possibility of an explosion in Corona. Therefore it is not taken. People don’t even go out. The city has stopped 90 percent of activity.

Corona’s slap in the face reveals a decline in revenue. Earlier, 5 lakh passengers used a red bus daily. Now it is 32 thousand. Which shows 8 percent of passengers. Out of 700 buses, 350 or 50 per cent run on the route.

A city bus carried 700 passengers daily. Now, on an average, 90 passengers are found. The number of standing passengers is three to four as most passengers do not carry new passengers after the passengers sit.

On the other hand, buses do not run in the old urban area. The bus goes to Ashram Road, Kalupur Railway Station and Geeta Mandir. Buses arrive at Incometax and Nehrubridge. Travelers have to resort to rickshaws to go to the city.