Agricultural scientist Bhikhabhai, earned high profits by 7 research in pomegranate

Gandhinagar, 2 April 2021

Bhikhabhai Dayal Kanani, a scientist farmer of Thansa village, is known for making the best pomegranates in Gujarat. They have developed their own techniques to make pomegranate farming more attractive. Their pomegranates are so good that they are sold in the wholesale market at Rs 135 per kg. Farmers know him as a pomegranate scientist. Because many inventions have been made for pomegranate cultivation, which no one would have imagined. In which he has made 7 inventions to increase agricultural production and reduce costs. Due to which their profit has increased. Which is noted by the Department of Agriculture. He has been able to obtain the title of King of Pomegranates.

A machine constructed for pomegranate fence

Pigs used to come to Bhikhabhai’s field in Bhavnagar, Gariyadhar’s Thansa. So Bhikhabhai decided to build a fence around the farm. It makes an iron wire fence. Such wire fences were expensive in the market. Hence Bhikhabhai built an entire machine to make such a fence. The machine was available in the market at a cost of Rs 1.80 lakh. He brought goods from the scrap market and built a machine for only Rs 3,500. He made his net and set up a field on his own. Furthermore, their technology was superior to the technology available in the market. Because the machine found in the market leaves the wire on the horse. But after Bhikhabhai tied the horses, the whole trap came out.

Tractor made to reduce labor

Pomegranate farming is done at a heavy labor cost. In this, when the pomegranate is cut down, its branches emerge. Pomegranate branches have thorns. The laborers demand high wages to expel him from the farm. So they built a tractor and removed the thorny branches. This tractor employs 25 laborers who use only Rs 500 per day of diesel.

The 4-wheel mini tractor not only performs pomegranate work but also performs 35 to 40 types of work.

Tractors can pump the water pump out of the bore.

Spray pump

It is very difficult to sprinkle pesticides or Panchamrit on a pomegranate with a pump. The cost of labor is very high. So,  created a unique pump that can be sprayed by a tractor. They brought a gun spray to clean the car and attached it to the tractor. It cost Rs 5,000 for 100 labor days to spray the pesticides, it was done on a single day. That too at a diesel cost of 200 rupees only. It cost him only Rs 9500 to develop this technique. Said Bhikhabhai.

Diesel less than the company’s tractor

Many companies make mini tractors. Bhikabhai’s tractors work for 10 laborers. They do not use diesel worth more than Rs 500 a day. Bhikhabhai’s 500 ml works as much as the company’s tractors do in 1 liter of diesel.

Pomegranate Grading Machine Project

Bhikhabhai said, he is currently manufacturing an automatic machine that separates and packs pomegranate in 4 grades. In which 4 pomegranates will come out and be packed. Such a machine can be found outside, but it comes in the range of Rs 4 lakh to Rs 9 lakh. I will make such machines for 20 to 25 thousand rupees. Will do pomegranate grading on my farm. Plastic is to be used in the whole machine but of not iron. Any type of round fruit or round shaped vegetable can be classified well by this grading machine. Mango or Chiku will be in 4 grade.

liquid fertilisers

They cultivate pomegranate by drip irrigation. Uses only fertilizers which are soluble in water. DAP – Urea has not been used for 10 years. Nevertheless, Bhikhabhai’s pomegranates are sold in the market at a price of 136 kg. Filtered through a cloth and drip irrigation. Soluble fertilizer saves labor costs well.

Drip filter

They always irrigate tactfully. In which, if there is salt and waste, the drip project becomes useless. Therefore, waste is a major problem in giving any kind of liquid manure. That is why Bhikabhai has done the filter himself so that garbage does not come out.

Buttermilk is the best acid

There are pipes for drip irrigation that contain salts and freeze waste. Sulfuric acid has to be used to remove it. Instead of using this acid, let the buttermilk stay for 14 to 20 days and let it go into the drip pipe to get rid of the salt inside the pipe. Buttermilk does not harm the soil but does benefit. Makes the pomegranate juicy. He gives 10 to 12 barrels of buttermilk per year by drip. Micro neutrons are obtained from whey. Bhikhabhai said.

15 thousand pesticides for 1 rupee

Bhikhabhai said that in pomegranate – bacterial disease – there is oily type of disease. If that disease occurs then a pomegranate of 100 rupees becomes 10 rupees. Multinational companies charge 10 to 15 thousand rupees for a liter of medicine to eradicate the disease. Farmers become indebted. This medicine of companies does not give full benefit in oil disease. But Bhikhabhai said that only 1 rupee medicine has been made, which works like this medicine. This medicine gives 100 percent result. Morathu comes by controlling PS. One of the things that can be spoken with Bhikhabhai is his phone number 7874448222. This medicine also eliminates the problem of dark spots on lemons. That too for one rupee. (Translated from Gujarati)