Agricultural scientists of Gujarat discovered a new variety of rice – Aarti

Agricultural scientists of Gujarat discovered a new variety of rice – Aarti

(Dilip Patel)

Agricultural scientists of Navsari have discovered a new variety of rice-paddy giving double yield. The Gujarat government has recently released new estimates of rice production, in which an average production of 2400 kg of rice per hectare is expected. Whereas Navsari Gujarat, a new variety of Navsari rice – Aarti gives a yield of 4700 kg per hectare. Which represents twice the average production in the state.

Rice is harvested in Gujarat only in the Kharif monsoon. Paddy was sown in 8.17 lakh hectares last monsoon. The Agriculture Department estimates that its production is 20.40 lakh tonnes.

This literally means that 2 million tonnes to 4 million tonnes of rice can be produced against the new variety.

The price of 20 kg rice at today’s price is 240 to 380. Yesterday’s trade was 650 points across the state. Even if the average price is Rs 300, the current price is Rs 15 per kg.

According to him the production of the entire state can be considered as 3060 crores. If all the farmers of the state transplant Aarti paddy, then the production can be Rs 6,000 crore. Thus the discovery of a species gives direct benefit of Rs 3,000 crore to the farmers and can double the income of the farmers.

Apart from the product, the beauty of Aarti is that the grains are long and thick. The number of seeds is more in the legs and thorns. The average amylose in Aarti rice is 24.42 percent. Protein is 6.52 percent. The share of whole grains is 64.2%.

Sucra can be moderately resistant to brown seed disease and leaf blight. Almonds are resistant to sucking. Gabmarani larvae, leaf-eating larvae, may fight off leaf litter. The current recommendation for South Gujarat is made by Krishi Vishwavidyalaya.

A total of 47 thousand hectare area is cultivated in Navsari district. In the last monsoon, 2.70 lakh hectares of paddy was cultivated in 7 districts of South Gujarat. 127 crore can be produced. Which is currently Rs 62 crores.

The maximum area under paddy in central Gujarat was 5.20 lakh hectares. Ahmedabad has the largest area of ​​1.35 lakh hectares in the entire state. Then paddy is cultivated in 1.10 lakh hectares in Anand and 1.10 lakh hectares in Kheda.