Amit Shah’s voters are VIPs and other 25 parliamentary voters are second citizens ?

Gandhinagar, 24 April 2021

In Ahmedabad, MP Amit Shah has brought medical equipment worth Rs 10 crore. BJP MPs from the remaining 25 constituencies of Gujarat could not even bring equipment worth Rs 10 crore. That’s why people from 25 Lok Sabha constituencies say why only Amit Shah has given medical equipment to Ahmedabad. Why can’t BJP MPs bring such equipment to other 25 constituencies? Why are they doing injustice to 6.50 crore people? If such facility is provided for the other 25 seats, it would cost Rs 250 crore. Which the central government should have given 6 months ago.

Is the life of the people of Ahmedabad a life and the life of the people of Porbandar is not a life? Why is this kind of imposition going on? Patients should all be equal. How can patients of Amit Shah’s area become VIP patients? Who are the other voters of Gujarat holding the second Citizen Sheep?

An ambulance was given yesterday, a photo of Modi and Shah was given at his door. The image of Vadapradhan is placed everywhere.

50 machines were arranged for Ahmedabad Sola Civil and 50 machines for Gandhinagar Civil Hospital. 6 ambulances and 2 ICUs. 2 mobile labs are provided on wheels.

8 lakh people of Ahmedabad district will get health facilities in 160 villages and 100 villages of Gandhinagar district and people of 4 municipal areas of Sanand, Bavla, Kalol and Gandhinagar will get health facilities.

Following the inauguration of GMDC Hospital and Kolwara Oxygen Plant, an ICU on wheels, a mobile laboratory and an ambulance were inaugurated at Ahmedabad at a cost of Rs 10 crore.

A facility of 100 BIPAP machines and 25 ventilators will be installed. Of these by-election machines, 50 will be operational at Sola Civil and 50 at Gandhinagar Civil Hospital.

For diagnosis of eye diseases at Sola Civil, Ahmedabad, a FECO machine and a mobile testing laboratory van have been allocated in the Sanand and Bavla areas.

Considering the situation of Kovid, ambulances have been allotted in Bavla, Sanand, Nanodara, Virochanagar, Sambhal, Sardhav and Sola Civil Hospitals for the convenience of transporting people immediately to the hospital. Also, ICU in Gandhinagar. On wheels will be given.

In Sanand and Bavla area of ​​Ahmedabad, 2 digital X-ray machines, 2 sonography color machines, 6 oxygen concentrating machines, 12 telescope microscopes, 2 digital X-ray machines and physiotherapy machines have been allocated.

Gandhinagar area has been allocated 1 sonographic machine, 1 fully automated chemistry analyzer, 1 laparoscopic machine unit, 1 portable ECG machine and 1 dental digital X-ray machine.

Ambulances for Municipal Bawla, Sanand, Nanodara, Virochanagar, Sambhal and Sola Citizens Urban Health Center (UHC). Sanand-Bavla includes a mobile laboratory van, a digital X-ray machine, a color sonography machine, a binocular microscope, and a dental digital X-ray machine.

In addition, an ambulance van for Sardhav, a blood cell mobile van for Gandhinagar and an ICU. Telescope microscope for wheels and Kalol-Gandhinagar. Sonography machines for Kalol Community Health Center (CHC) include 3D and 4D, fully automated chemistry analyzers, laparoscopic automated chemistry, and digital X-ray machines.