2700 parks in gujarat’s 8 big cities are now open, filled with senior citizens

Gandhinagar, 5 September 2020

Almost all the gardens of the Gujarat state have been opened since 5 September 2020. The gardens have been opened in Ahmedabad city since 5 September 2020. People in the garden will strictly follow Corona’s guidelines.

Garden is opened after 4 months in Gujarat. Social distance will also have to be kept in mind in 2700 gardens in 8 big cities of Gujarat. If a person does not wear a mask in the garden, he will be fined Rs 2,000. The senior citizens arrived in the garden today for a walk to Subhar Morning Wok.

In Ahmedabad, 258 gardens have been opened to the public. After completing the cleanliness work, the garden of the city has been opened to the public from today. Action will be taken if social dissatisfaction is violated by holding a gathering in the garden.

The cleaning and sanitation of the garden was completed two days ago in Ahmedabad. Apart from this, trimming of trees has been done. The review meeting will be monitored 10 days after discussion. It has also been decided to sanctify the garden in the morning and evening.

The sports complex-stadium can be opened but there is a ban on the entry of spectators. Hotels, restaurants and other hospitality services will be open until 11:00 am. Yoga Institute and Gymnasium can be continued as per SOP of Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Shopping malls can be continued as per Government of India guidelines.
Movies, multiplexes, baths, amusement parks, theaters, clubs, public parks, zoos, water parks, amusement parks, bars and auditoriums, auditoriums and similar venues will remain closed to the public.