Farmers sown 2 lakh hectares before monsoon in Gujarat

Gandhinagar, 17 June 2021
Gujarat’s Weather Watch Group has predicted light rain for June 17-18. The Weather Watch Group is made up of 10 departments of the central government and state government. But no place is given to common people or farmers.

An IMD official said, “Monsoon is moving towards south Gujarat.” An official of the Agriculture Department said that till June 15, kharif crop has been sown in 2.19 lakh hectares. The pre-planting area is 2 lakh hectares of cotton and groundnut. The rest is vegetables and fodder.

Cereals and pulses are not pre-planted.

Among the previously sown crops, 12 thousand hectares have been sown in Kutch, 37 thousand hectares in North Gujarat, 14 thousand hectares in Central Gujarat, 1.53 lakh hectares in Saurashtra, and 28 thousand hectares in South Gujarat. Which is same as last year.

Thus, farmers now start planting without waiting for monsoon. As soon as the first rain falls on the crop, its growth becomes very fast. Therefore, if the previous rain is pulled, the crop can be harvested earlier. The highest trend is in groundnut and cotton.