Who is in the health team of Gujarat?

Health Department Principal Secretary Dr. Jayanti Ravi has been working for 20 hours, but with him more than 50,000 staff of the health department of Gujarat are also disturbed. Of the team of doctors available to the state government, 25% have been compelled to undergo coronary treatment, ie 16500 doctors are providing coronary services in various hospitals and health centers. On the other hand, there are 21 officers of the state to whom the government has been entrusted with Corona services.

The health department of Gujarat has a large number of staff who are currently employed at the time of transmission of corona virus. This department has a staff of 58089 of class-1, 7890 of class-2, 28944 of class-3, 15519 of class-IV together with a total staff of 58089. The Secretariat-based Health Department has a staff of 221 in total, while the Health Commissioner’s Office has a staff of 865 which is on full staff duty. The district has medical staff including 5376 doctors. As many as 7821 technicians are providing various services to the patients in the major cities and districts of the state. About 20% of this total staff, ie 12,000, are engaged in coronary treatment.

The important thing is that the number of medical staff including medical education service doctors is 8960 in Gujarat. Another 24289 staff are engaged in various hospitals and health centers. The Gujarat government has also hired 1131 doctors and medical staff from Ayush Division for the treatment of coronas. In addition 114 medical officers of the Medical Service and 106 officers of the Food and Drug Commissioner’s Office are also being sought.

Corrupt Pandemic Officers …

1. Principal Secretary of Health —– Dr. Jubilee Ravi

2. State Health Commissioner —– Jaiprakash Shivhare

3. MD, Medical Services —– Dr. Suman Ratnam

4. Mission Director —– J D Desai

5. Additional Director —– Dr. RM Mehta

6. Additional Director —– Dr. Prakash Vaghela

7. Additional Director —– Dr. Neelam Patel

8. Additional Director —– RN Dodia

9. Additional Director —– RN Dixit

10. CPO —– Dr. To N. K. Hawahan

11. Joint Director —– RR Vaidya

12. Deputy Director —– RV Pathak

13. Assistant Director —– UB Gandhi

14. Deputy Director —– MM Weighed

15. Deputy Director —– Dr. Satisfaction Desai

16. Deputy Director —– Dr. Girish Thakar

17. Deputy Director —– Dr. Jesse Patel

18. Director —– Dr. Janakumar frog

19. Assistant Director —– Dr. Rakesh Vaidya

20. Joint Director —– Dr. RK Kangav

21. Joint Director —– Dr. NP Jani


Although the number of government doctors in Gujarat is very low compared to the existing and current population, the government has now put all the doctors in the service of corona virus treatment. According to the statistics of the State Medical Council, the number of registered doctors is 66944, which is only 5.77% compared to the total number of doctors in the country. There should be one doctor per 1000 population in Gujarat but that proportion is not maintained. There is also a dearth of medical staff in the rural areas of the state. Super specialists are not currently available in health centers. There is also a shortage of health workers. There are also 2287 nurses in the state health centers and hospitals. At present, the government is hiring only 16500 doctors.

Gujarat’s Public Healthcare Infrastructure needs three super specialty facilities. There are 22 medical colleges. There are 22 district hospitals. There are 33 sub-district hospitals and 117 grant-in-aid hospitals. The state has 351 CHC and 1393 PHC. There are 307 Urban Health Centers and 9156 Sub Centers. The important thing is that in the health centers and hospitals of Gujarat, an average of 250 million outdoor and 21 lakh patients are being provided indoor treatment during the year. Health centers in the district, which are mostly in the rural areas, lack doctors and medical staff but other hospitals have to monitor staff appointments. At present, 2800 rooms have been reserved for coronas in most hospitals and 75% of doctors have been put in service.

All these health centers and hospitals are divided into six zones. These six zones include Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar, Rajkot, Vadodara and Surat. There are also 33 mobile health units in the state. All of these have been set up to fight the corona virus. Besides, there are 41 Ayurvedic hospitals including Grant in Aid 2. Gujarat has 559 Ayurvedic dispensaries, 500 licensed pharmacies, 18 Homeopathy hospitals and 219 Homeopathy dispensaries. Gujarat has wide health facilities but the biggest problem is lack of adequate staff.