A non-Gujarati ‘BJP president’ will not be accepted by workers and people, Congress’ Hardik Patel will be benefited

Modi retaliated as he was planning to win from Varanasi. They will not be able to return to the whole of Gujarat. Can’t travel due to low visibility at night. The appointment of Hardik Patel will benefit the Congress. Patil is not a leader but has come ahead of a constable. BJP will have problems in Saurashtra, North Gujarat, Central Gujarat. Saurashtra will go hand in hand.

Is non-Gujarati. In Maharashtra, no one could have imagined that a Gujarati would become the BJP president there. Don’t let it happen. The eyes are weak at night. Benefit Congress. Surat will go from the whole BJP. Not a good speaker. The only qualification is that Modi is a believer. Amit Shah and Patil do not. They have given crores of rupees to BJP from Surat from industrialists.

It will be difficult for Rupani to stay in power. BJP’s grassroots activists in Gujarat do not like Modi’s decision. Patil himself cannot maintain a relationship with BJP workers. That fund and financial administration will be well crossed.

Non-Gujarati is the Chief Minister. They were born in Burma. CR Pitil was born in Maharashtra. Amit Shah was born in Mumbai. Narendra Modi has spent half his life outside Gujarat. Thus now Gujarat has become like Gandhi Ray Gandhi poetry.

In a letter sent to the Chief Electoral Officer of Gujarat after contesting the 2014 elections in 2015, he said that while filling up the nomination form for the 2014 Lok Sabha general elections, Amo submitted an affidavit detailing 103 lawsuits filed against him in different courts. Out of which 96 claims have been disposed off. There is a certified copy of the claim order bidel, which you will note in the file. I request you to take corrective action on your website as well.

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