Pantha village of Gujarat is the largest banana producer in India

Gandhinagar, 1 November 2020

APEDA has announced that from October 5 to October 11, 2020, 20.79 metric tonnes of bananas have been exported from Rajpipla Banana Packhouse, Gujarat. Banana exports from Gujarat are not more. In 2007, Gujarat exported 3,000 tonnes of bananas abroad. In 2019, it grew to barely 10,000 metric tons of bananas. But in 2020, 20 metric tons were exported from one center. However, according to experts, the export opportunity for Gujarat is 2 lakh tonnes. This was stated by KB Chancellor, former Chancellor of Agricultural University.

Gujarat’s largest banana growing village in India

Panetha village near Bharuch in South Gujarat produces bananas by foreign technology and foreign fertilizer. These villages have the highest productivity in 4 villages around the country. Dhirendrabhai Desai 9428687219 cultivates banana on 22 acres of land 3 times in 26 months. Dherendrabhai has been awarded by various farmer organizations for highest production in the country.

Tissue culture techniques and drip irrigation carry higher yields. Filipino technology is capable of taking three harvests in two years. Therefore,  get good money in March-April. The production of tissue culture and drip irrigation has increased 125% in 10 years. Export of these fruits to Arab countries has increased.

Dhirendrabhai Desai, the largest producer of bananas per hectare in India, says that there cannot be an exit in India as small farms are small and medium farmers. Hence large scale exports are not possible. Quality, shortening, grading and treatment cannot be maintained in small farms. Companies are not willing to do contract leasing farming.

Bananas Product Export Numbers in MT
Year India Gujarat India Gujarat Export Opportunity
2007 23823 3158 17 3 109
2008 26217 3572 30 5 124
2009 26470 3780 54 11 130
2010 29780 3978 61 11 137
2011 28455 4048 41 8 140
2012 26509 4523 54 13 157
2013 29725 4225 28 6 146
2014 30179 4666 50 11 161
2015 30352 4787 46 11 166
2016 30741 4940 39 10 171
2017 30869 5097 37 10 176
2018 31880 5261 39 10 182
2019 32746 5390 36 10 187
2020 0 55270 30 200

90 tonnes of bananas are harvested per hectare, is highest in India

Banana exporter Ajit Desai started exporting bananas from Bharuch in 2007–8. The farmers here adopted it after introducing the technique of growing banana. This is said by Dhirendrabhai Desai. “We now have agricultural advisors and agricultural practitioners,” he says. In India, we produced bananas 5 to 6 times in a single plant. 15 years ago, 15 tons of bananas were produced per ton, now we cut 85 to 90 tons of bananas. 6 times more production.

Marketing since the age of 15

This village, situated on the banks of Narmada river, grows the most bananas in India. Bananas arrive in trucks at Khamasa Gate in Ahmedabad. Bananas from Panetha village, he visit all the major fruit markets in India. Jadharia MLA Chhotubhai Vasava is Panetha village in his constituency. He protect  all farmers.

There are 70 to 100 truck bananas released every day during the season. Bananas go all over India from here. Farmer Desai says, “I started banana cultivation at the age of 15 and have been marketing them since then. There is not a single fruit market in India where I have not gone to banana marketing.

It is the only village in India that extracts bananas 5 times

Farmer Dhirendrabhai Desai says that the first 10 months of harvest yield 30 tonnes per acre. In the next 10 months, 20-25 tonnes and 26 to 28 tonnes of bananas are harvested for the third time. Export quality bananas grow on the same banana 3 to 6 times.

A farmer family produces bananas ranging from 2.50 lakh to 3 lakh rupees per hectare. Bharuch bananas are being sold for Rs 220-440 per 20 kg. Fertilizers are imported from Israel. The government gives a subsidy of Rs.27,000 for fertilizer.


Dhirendra Bhai was awarded IIFA Progressive Farmer Award 2017 for getting the most output. Were invited to the conference from the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare. In addition, the Sardar Patel Agricultural Research Award has been given by the Government of Gujarat. Commended by Amit Singh Memorial Foundation of Delhi.

Regarded as the best farmer in the district. He has received 9 National Awards and 7 Local Awards. The Indian government called 145 farmers of the country, including Dhirendrabhai, to Delhi.

Farming losses

Due to the lockdown, banana-growing farmers in 15,000 hectares of South Gujarat have become indebted. The price of 20 kg banana was Rs.60. There was no buyer.

A meeting of the Banana Horticulture Cooperative Society took place at the Gujarat State Co-operative Fruit and Vegetable Marketing Federation in Bardoli, Valsad. Concern was expressed about the poor economic condition of banana growers. He asked for help from the government but the government did not give.

Cooperatives used to get 1,000 tonnes of bananas a day but sales were only 300-400 tonnes. It was Rs.140 per 20 kg before lockdown. Which were selling for 20 rupees for 20 rupees. The production cost of 20 kg of banana comes from Rs.80 to Rs.100.

Gujarat’s highest exports to India

Till date, Gujarat has been the lowest exporter for years. India accounts for 26 percent of the world’s banana production. It is projected to grow 29.72 million tonnes of bananas in 2019 and 31 million tonnes in 2020. Last year, Gujarat came first in the country in production. Most bananas are grown in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh.

The global trade of bananas is US $ 10 million. India leads in banana production after China, Philippines, Ecuador, Brazil and Indonesia.

India accounts for 0.14% of the world’s total banana exports. The largest exporters of bananas are Ecuador, Philippines, Guatemala, and Costa Rica. Small in India It is a farm. The exhaust car is a large farm in the country. India exports 39% to the United Arab Emirates, 13% to Saudi Arabia, 8% to Oman, 6% to Kuwait and 17% to Nepal.

Gujarat can export well

On February 8, 2018, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani announced that Gujarat came first in the country with a production of 42 lakh tonnes of bananas. In 2018-19, 46 lakh tonnes of bananas were harvested on 70 thousand hectares. However, banana exports from 42 ports in Gujarat are not predictable.

The agriculture department reported that as of 2015 prices, the price of bananas in India was Rs.25,000-30,000 crore and in Gujarat it was 10 per cent or Rs.3,000 crore. A Gujarati company used to deliver bananas to the mega stores of Walmart, a retail chain in Gujarat. Bharuch district has been at the forefront of banana production over the years.

Varieties of banana

Bharuch, Narmada, Anand, Vadodara and Surat in South Gujarat grow half of bananas in Gujarat. Dwarf Cavendish hybrid banana varieties are planted more.

In other areas, varieties of Banana, Rastauli, Puvan, Kendran are grown. There is also a native variety. Cardamom bananas are grown around Somnath temple and in Chorwad.

The hybrid dwarf Cavendish varieties of banana are grown more. Farmers cultivate banana orchards mostly on tissue culture.

Tribal a new direction

According to an official of Krishi Bhavan in Gandhinagar, there are 200 farmers in Khotli village in Kaprada taluka of Gujarat, out of which 80 per cent tribal women grow 42 tonnes of bananas per hectare from tissue culture. Teru culture bananas are cultivated in 15 villages in Kaprada taluka including Amadha, Jirwal, Ozarda, Vadha in collaboration with the Erde Trust. There is a plan to export all the bananas under an agreement with a Khotli village company.

Most bananas in the country are eaten in Gujarat

The Gujarat government has released a report on banana production. The per capita production is 23 kg and the average production of bananas in India is 35 thousand kg per hectare. 71 kg of banana is produced per person in Gujarat. In Gujarat, the production of banana per capita has increased by 15 kg in 10 years. 36200 kg banana crop per hectare.

In India, rural people eat 2 kg bananas per month and urban people eat 4.50 kg bananas per month. In India, people grow 23 kg bananas a year and in Gujarat 71 kg bananas are grown. Gujarat is already a vegetarian region.

How much production

In the year 2008-09, farmers produced 35.72 lakh tonnes of bananas, which has increased to 46 lakh tonnes in 10 years in 2018-19. This is a direct increase of 1 million tonnes. Approximately 65 tonnes of bananas are harvested per hectare.

Banana Gardens

Bananas were grown on 61 thousand hectares in 2008 which has increased to 70 thousand hectares in 2018-19 after 10 years. Thus, the area of ​​banana cultivation has increased by 14.75 percent. There are banana orchards on 8.58 lakh hectares in India.

Banana Farming Area

Banana is the main crop in Bharuch, Anand, Surat and Vadodara. In 2008-09, 31.61 lakh tonnes of bananas were produced in these 5 districts. 92% of bananas were produced in these 5 districts.

In 2018-19, there were a total of 38 lakh tonnes of bananas in 7 districts in Narmada, Bharuch, Anand, Surat, Vadodara, Dahod and Chhoda Udepur districts. Total production in the second sector ranged from 46 lakh tonnes to 8 lakh tonnes. Which is about 10 percent. Thus 90% of bananas are grown in these 7 districts.

About 43.4343 lakh tonnes of bananas are produced in Saurashtra. In Surat alone, farmers know that bananas are grown twice in 12 districts of Saurashtra.

Bharuch produces 9 lakh tonnes of bananas. 8 lakh tons of bananas are grown in Anand, 6 lakh tons in Surat and Narmada.