Complaint about gambling on social media Telegram in the fake name of world famous Ahmadabadi receipt director Dubai’s Rajavi family business

Ahmedabad, 8 April 2021

A native of Ahmedabad and Lunawada, has lodged a complaint with the Ahmedabad police against gambling and betting on social media in the name of Rashid Khan Pathan, living in Dubai.

He is the director of business of Sheikh Hamdan bin Ahmed Al Maktoum, a member of Dubai’s royal family.

He said in the application that someone has created a group by opening a fake account in his name on the Telegram application. Which has 63 thousand members. All kinds of illegal cricket and other speculative activities are taking place in this account.

In which his photo and name are misused. The group’s name is Cricket Tennis Trips Bombay Badshah.

No such group has complained that they are not running. The photos shared in the fake account are taken from Instagram.

Said his advocate Utkarsh Dave.

People in this group are being cheated.

Rashid has 6.76 lakh followers on Instagram

Mohammad Rashid is a successful entrepreneur in broad domains like aviation, real estate, entertainment, government projects, gold mining, hotel chains and more. Mohammad Rashid Khan is very active on his Instagram account where he keeps posting his latest pictures and has got 6.76 lakh followers.

Forbes magazine

World famous Forbes magazine has named Mohammad Rashid Khan a renowned entrepreneur and a famous face in the field of entrepreneurship in Asia and Middle East, a unique and talented man of various kinds.

He is the director of business development in His Majesty’s private office – Seth Hamdan bin Ahmed Al Maktoum (a member of the ruling family of Dubai).

Rashid is involved in aviation, real estate, oil and gas and entertainment. He has been seen with many celebrities many times in the past.

He is an influential person. Have proceeded in their own way. Rashid is doing all this to bring the next generation on the right path.

Rashid was born in the state of Bahrain. He was befriended by many children of royal families.

Mohammed Rashid Khan In February 2020, he met with the CEO of Porsche and discussed the future of Porsche in the Asian and Middle East markets.

Connected with his followers on various social media platforms where he updates his daily life and almost everything related to it. Has achieved unprecedented heights in his professional career.

Is going to launch its own international brand in the luxury segment around the world.

Mohammed Rashid Khan – World Reputed Entrepreneur Inspiring the Young Generation

Mohammad Rashid Khan is an important entrepreneur and famous face in the field of entrepreneurship in Asia and Middle East. It has a beautiful and luxurious lifestyle.

Viewed with many Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities, big entrepreneurs, the global market tops in organizing various giant brands, organizations and government projects, ventures and more.

Mohammad Rashid Khan was born on 20 June 1990. He was raised with friends from the royal family.