Congress, BJP have met, we have won in 15 days – AIMIM Asaduddin Owaisi

amit shah
amit shah

Gandhinagar, 25 February 2021

AIMIM has entered the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation election. AIMIM has won 7 seats in Ahmedabad. Then AIMIM politics started from Ahmedabad to Gujarat. Asaduddin Owaisi then made a statement regarding the victory of AIMIM.

AIMIM President Asaduddin Owaisi said that the third party was not running because the Congress and BJP were handling it and there was no commitment. We are not alone in Gujarat. We have BTP party of Chhotu Vasava and many Dalit organizations. The blessings the people of Ahmedabad have given us have given us courage. We have contested elections in 20 days of hard work and we have learned a lot. In Gujarat, we will overcome our shortcomings. One of our mistakes was not giving tickets to good people. Now that the election is on 28th, our party workers will work more enthusiastically.

“It’s a storm,” he said. People here have worked hard in 15 days. Every leader should just work hard. The biggest responsibility is to win the trust of the people. We have done this and will continue to do so. The BJP has been gaining power in Gujarat for years, the people of Gujarat have also supported the BJP. The reason is that the Congress party has joined hands with the BJP, which is why 16 to 17 MLAs resigned and joined the BJP. That is why there is enthusiasm among the people of Gujarat and they want to defeat the BJP. It is a big challenge for us to win the trust and enthusiasm of the people.

“We have to make our organization very strong and those who are angry have to be persuaded,” he said. We will be with Chhotu Vasava in every issue. The vision will be that Muslims, tribals and Dalits need a political platform. What have we learned from this election? The big problem of the Congress party is that these people are so engrossed in ego that they do not want to see what deficiencies should be rectified. The big success for us is that in 20 days a party emerges and defeats a party like the Congress. I am happy with it. At one point people will look at the ruins and say, for Congress the time will come when this building will be magnificent. We will also defeat BJP, we will put people’s issues against BJP and we will put BJP’s weakness in front of people and do our work.