Conocarpus tree caused asthma, cold, and cough like corona in Ahmedabad

Gandhinagar, 26 May 2021

Corona germs cause cold, cough and lung diseases. Conocarpus trees cause asthma, cold, and cough. But after a few years, exotic Conocarpus trees are being grown in large numbers for decoration in many cities of Gujarat. The cement concrete walls of the Ahmedabad riverfront have been grown there as they have heated up. Which can be a big threat to the city. Farm houses and farmers have also started plowing in their respective fields.

Medical science supports this. However, it has been planted in large numbers to enhance the décor on the riverfront of Ahmedabad. These trees are being planted in large quantities by the builders in the society. Saptaparni that people are saying not to grow sixth.

Planting is causing loss, while officials are calculating profit. Because it looks beautiful, no animal eats it. Less water is required. Cheap. It happens quickly. Greenery always remains.

Conocarpus trees have been planted in 2019 to keep RCC’s 100-meter walls cool from the Nehru Bridge to the Kama Hotel on the Ahmedabad Sabarmati Riverfront. To make the entire riverfront eco-friendly, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation wants to bring it around the river like a canal.

The dream of keeping green is seen pushing people towards respiratory disease.

When people come here in the evening, they feel very hot or bubbling due to the heating of these walls. I was getting abusive with people. But dangerous work is being done with new trees.

Conocarpus up to 25 feet long can withstand temperatures up to 52 degrees Celsius.

Used to make herbal medicine. Its smell is very pungent. There is no harm in having one or two plants in the garden. If the number is too high it can harm the garden or the people around it. This increases the risk of not only asthma, but also colds and colds. There is also a belief in the villages that if a pregnant woman sits under a plant, she gets miscarried. Hence it is now known as the demonic tree.

To give more oxygen to the corona, people uproot it and plant peepal, umro, vad or tree. Has been nominated.

Pollen causes diseases

Flowers, pollinators are produced during the winter season, which spread throughout the region. This pollen then causes cold, cough and asthma. Pollen from any tree causes asthma-allergy. Most asthma-allergic patients suffer more in the spring. That’s why people put salty water on pollen particles.

The Gujarat Forest Department has not yet made any recommendations, but the Chhattisgarh Forest Drug Board has informed the African mangroves about the damage caused by the tree. Conocarpus trees were uprooted by people in Udaipur Lake City. Moved it is the state tree of Bengal as it can grow in saltwater also. It is being strongly opposed in Karachi.