The Gobar plant is a free cooking gas scheme for the entire house and the entire Gujarat.

Amul Navi Kranti । AGN । । Gujarati News ।
Amul Navi Kranti । AGN । । Gujarati News ।

Varghese Kurien was a country dreamer. The history of cooperative milk in India gave birth to the White Revolution. He has formed Amul, India’s largest milk company. With the cooperation of many farmers in India, Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan Dr. Kurien is not among us today. But the taste of the success she has received in the dairy sector is now opening new doors for women through biogas. The city of Anand is known worldwide as Milk Capital of India through Operation Flood. Gobar has so far been seen as Gobar City Anand. Now cow dung will get a new identity. Income was earned by selling manure or cow dung, manure and cow urine or making thousands of items from it. It will now be in the cooperative sector as an industry. Anand will now be known as Gobar City.

Best manure

Animal feces are collected and fermented in the absence of oxygen and in the presence of germs. From which air is produced. This is known as methane gas. Good quality methane gas is about 60% and 40% inert carbon dioxide gas. Gases like nitrogen and sulfide are low. The properties of manure as compost do not decrease, but increase.

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Cow dung factory

First, the right amount of dung and water is added. Which is put in the well. As there is no air-oxygen in the digestive well, Rabari is formed. Fermentation produces gas due to bacteria. This gas gets stored in the lid or gas holder. Kitchen, engine etc. dung is transported from the tank for use as a signal by the gas pipeline.

A family needs 4 animals to produce gas

The gas used to cook 5 to 8 members of a family can be made from the dung of 3 or 4 animals. Which has a capacity of 2 cubic meters. If there are 200 animals, gas can be made for 400 families. The combustion efficiency of the compost is 11%. The combustion efficiency of the gas is 60%. The weight of cow dung of a buffalo is 15 kg daily. The cow dung and cow yield 10 kg and the calf yield 5 kg. One kilogram of manure produces 0.037 cubic meters (1.3 cubic feet) of gas. 8 cubic feet of gas per person per day is required for cooking. The lamp requires 4.5 cubic feet per hour to light the lamp.

But after the gas is released from the gas plant the dung residue is removed. That Rabari is going to be traded now. NDDB has formed a cooperative society for its business.

What is the new technology for making cow dung?

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