A gang of lion poachers in Gir, lioness attacked, 20 trap caught



Gandhinagar, 6 February 2021

Lions and wild animals are being hunted in the Gir forest. In the revenue zone of Sutrapada, some hunters lay traps to hunt wild animals. A lion cub was trapped. On February 4, 2021,  Madhya Pradesh’s people living in Sutrapada, a lion cub, was trapped. Its mother-lion attacked and injured a person. Then the matter has come out. The officer of the forest department did not know that the Geng is working to hunt Gir Animal, Lion.

A total of 56 people including 12 children and 8 women have been detained from various places in Gir Somnath, Junagadh, and Bhavnagar districts.

The one-year-old lion cub was rescued from a trap in the revenue area and a team of veterinarians was called in to rescue the cub. Cub’s mother, attacked and injured 40-year-old Habib Shamsher Parmar in the morning. The hospital informed the police and the forest department about the person who had reached Junagadh Civil Hospital for treatment.

Four people, including the injured man and his wife, fled the scene. While going to Junagadh for treatment, the forest department caught him near Vadala in Junagadh.

Forest officials had issued a red alert in the entire Gir area, expressing suspicion that lions were being hunted. The search was done at various places in the forest.

The first forest department arrested four people, including Habib Parmar, Aslam Parmar, Rajesh Parmar, and a woman named Mani Parmar. Sent various teams to the forest of Gir. Police detained the people of Gang, based on the mobile location of forest villages.

The Forest Department apprehended 4 members on 5 February 2021. Further investigation revealed traps, flesh and bones of animals from Shinhor, Bhavnagar, and Bagdana.

Hunters lay traps to hunt wild animals at 20 different locations. This trap is available to officers. Till then, the trekker and forest department officials did not know anything.

4 people were caught in Bagdana village of Palitana. 5 people were arrested from the Nari Chokdi area of ​​Bhavnagar.

The gang used to hunt foxes, rabbits, lions to make medicine, oil and medicine to treat people. Evidence is being sought that the lions were being smuggled.

The forest department has issued a red alert. The employees of Gir East-West, Sasan, Porbandar, Junagadh, Bhavnagar, Rajkot, Morbi range were urged. Patrolling has been ordered till 6 February 2021 for the protection of wildlife in Gujarat. Outside districts, states have been asked to investigate.

People living in riots, residences, slums are being investigated. The suspects selling medicinal drugs are being investigated. Instructions for investigation have been issued by the Greater Gir Task Force at public places including ST, bus stand, and railway station.

Originally from Madhya Pradesh, he said to be a native of Thane in Surendranagar.

There have been riots here for a long time.

Gir lion was hunted in 2007. Since then such an incident has happened. In 2007, 17 people, including a woman from Madhya Pradesh, were arrested by the CID Crime Unit. These individuals hunted 6 lions.

DCF is Sunil Berwal.

The lion cub was shifted to Sasan Animal Care Center for treatment, where he is still under treatment.