Starting black tomato cultivation can save Rs 20,000 crore in medicine and save lives of millions

Gandhinagar, 14 October 2020

Gujarat has 1.20 crore patients with heart disease, diabetes, skin, blood pressure and cancer. If a little change is made in their diet, then the people of Gujarat can save Rs 18,000 to 20,000 crore on these 5 diseases. The farmers of Gujarat have found an alternative. Now farmers are opting for black tomato cultivation which is helping Gujarat reduce its drug use by Rs 20,000 crore. Black tomatoes are very beneficial for 5 diseases. Hence farmers are increasing its cultivation.

Call data of 108

There are 3 million diabetic patients in Gujarat. 36% of people over 40 years of age have sweet urine disease. In Gujarat, medicines worth Rs. 3600 crores are sold for this disease. The incidence of the disease has increased by 90% since 1990. According to 108 Ambulance Company data, Gujarat receives 6 cardiovascular phone calls every hour. The disease kills 3 patients per hour. 48% of the patients are under 50 years of age. There were 19 thousand calls in 2010-11 which is now 29 thousand calls. The cancer has 2 lakh new patients every year and 2 million patients.

Increase drug use

Sales of dermatological drugs increased by 17.5 percent, diabetes drugs by 16.8 percent and heart disease by 10.7 percent in five years.

Farmers started farming

Farmers have got the option. Many farmers have started cultivating black tomato seeds from Alibaba. Black tomatoes act as a medicine to cure diabetes. Black tomato cultivation is now being done in Gujarat. In India it is called Indigo Rose Tomato. Its B has been ordered by many farmers in Australia. 130 seeds is available online for Rs 110. It is cultivated like a red tomato. Therefore, there is no need to learn any new technology for this. The weight of a plant is 10 to 20 kg.


Black tomatoes were first grown in Britain by Ray Brown through genetic mutations. Black tomatoes contain antioxidant minerals such as magnesium and potassium. Black tomatoes have the ability to fight free radicals rather than damage good cells. Which can prevent cancer. Beneficial for the eyes. Rich in vitamins A and C. Heart disease can be avoided by eating black tomatoes regularly. Blood pressure improves blood circulation. Reduce bad cholesterol.

They are not sour when eaten raw. Nor is it too sweet. The outside is black and the inside is reddish-brown. Eating green, red or black tomatoes is harmful. Eating it raw is many times more beneficial.

Favorable environment in Gujarat

Black tomatoes are grown in warm areas. The climate of Gujarat is favorable. Black tomato plants grow more than red tomatoes. Black wire has also been made with Israeli technology. Patanjali Ayurvedic company with black tomatoes is working to cure heart disease and diabetes. The black tomato nursery was produced in Britain, but now its seeds are also available in India. The farmer can also buy his seed online. It takes 4 months to harvest.


Gujarat currently produces an average of 259 quintal tomatoes per hectare. Gujarat Tomato – 27 tonnes per hectare. Tomatoes are grown on 49 thousand hectares in Gujarat. The total is 14.11 lakh metric tons. Mehsana, Anand, Banaskantha have the highest number of red tomatoes. Tatmata can be planted in the month of January. If black tomato is grown in 5000 hectares, it is likely to be well consumed in the malls of Gujarat.