Drugs worth Rs 5300 cr seized, conviction rate down from 2.5% to 1% in Gujarat

Ahmedabad, 17 March 2023
Drug free India campaign is going to start in Gujarat. On March 15, 2023, 15 thousand people were present in Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji’s Karnavati Club in Ahmedabad. Before that 5000 people were present in a university. Happiness Festival was organized at Karnavati Club.
State Home Minister Harsh Sanghvi said that by stopping drug smuggling through the sea, the government has seized drugs worth Rs 5300 crore in one and a half years and has prevented the lives of the youth from turning dusty. In the last one year, the Gujarat government has caught 800 students taking drugs. But instead of handing over to the police, the problem has been resolved by sitting with their parents. He warned the youth about the serious effects of drugs and inspired them to join the drug free India campaign.
Industries Minister Balwant Rajput said that the Gujarat government has seized drugs worth more than Rs 32,000 crore within a year. (According to the press note) expressed happiness that this can be called an achievement.

Compared to last year, 11 times more drugs were caught.
In 2023, 11 times more drugs were seized in the state of Gujarat than the figures given in the assembly in 2022. According to the Gujarat Legislative Assembly, drugs worth Rs 3700 crore were seized in the two years of 2022. In the two years of 2023, drugs worth Rs 4058 crore were seized.
After all, in a year Rs. Drugs worth 3687 crores have been seized.
The conviction rate (conviction rate) for drugs and narcotics offenses fell from 2.66% to 1% and the number of reported crimes doubled.

In Gujarat in 2018, out of 150 crimes, 4 crimes were punished.
In 2019, there were 3 convictions in 289 offences.
In 2020, out of 308 crimes, 4 crimes were punished.
Which shows that the crime reporting rate has doubled and the conviction rate has come down from 2.5% to 1%. According to the National Crime Records Bureau data, the conviction rate for drugs and narcotics offenses in the country is 77.9%. It is very less in Gujarat.
The Congress demanded that Minister of State for Home Harsh Shanghvi should accept the moral responsibility and resign. Drug-related crimes are happening in Gujarat, but the government has not been able to catch the big gangsters.

It has been said in the Drug Free India campaign that according to a survey, 75% of the families in India today have at least one member who is suffering from some kind of drug addiction. Every day 10 people commit suicide in India due to drug addiction. The statistics present an explosive truth. It is very important to solve the problem immediately. The “Drugs-free India” campaign was launched in 2019 by the Art of Living organization.
When the amount of stress becomes too high, the individual turns to addictive activities to relieve this excessive stress. But when he is taught how to relieve stress through yoga, pranayama and meditation, his outlook on life changes.

Every day 10 people commit suicide in India due to drug addiction.

Up to 50% of boys have consumed alcohol by the age of 13.

75% of Indian households are victims of drug addiction.

One Indian dies every 96 minutes due to alcohol consumption.

According to a national survey, 98% of people who consume alcohol and 72% of people who use drugs oppose any form of treatment.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji administered the oath to all the students present that “Nasha na karenge, na karne denge” He said that if one person in the family drinks alcohol then the whole family has to suffer. That’s why this filth should be removed. There should be a wave of happiness. The bright future of India lies in the hands of the youth.

Under the Drug Free India campaign, SWAT (Social Wellness, Awareness and Training) clubs have been formed in many educational institutions of the country by the Art of Living organization to deal with this pollution. For the last 15 years Art of Living is serving to overcome this problem, with the efforts of Art of Living around 25,000 persons have given up drug addiction.