For 22 years due to cancer, Badarpura village in Gujarat banned tobacco, farming and trade

Dilip Patel, Amdawad

09 March 2023

In a proposal in a proposal on the sale of gutkha-cabachan from 6,000, 2001 to 22 years in Badarpur village of Vadnagar, 35 km from Mehsana in Gujarat. A person is known as Fri village. Muslim population is a village connected to farming and trade. For 22 years, no masala masala can be seen throughout the village.

It has given the villagers to financial fitness as well as financial fitness. The savings of Rs 25 lakh per year are due to tobacco products and health. People’s ability to work has increased.

Around 1997, a young man from this village died prematurely due to drug addiction. Later, during the period from 1997 to 2001, 8 people in the village suffered cancer. The village sarpanch Ghulam Haider gathered the people of the entire village. Decided, no one in the village should be accustomed to the village and should sell any kind of gutkha, tobacco and BD. Half of 40 shops has been closed.

The entire village was picked up by the sarpanch. If someone violated it, it was also decided to provide a fine. Then the next day, the villagers bought and made gutkha, tobacco items at shops in the village. To date, tobacco has not been sold in Badarpur village for 21 years without any punishment.

The farmers also stopped cultivating tobacco. There are farming, agricultural labor and livestock farming. The village mainly cultivates wheat, cumin, millet, cotton, Diwali and vegetable crops. Primary school, panchayat house, Anganwadi and milk dairy facilities are available in this village.

Help the village out of this web of this addiction. With this, when this decision was made in the village

80 Vy Habibbhai was drinking BD from the age of 15. Wanted to drink 25 BD in one day. BD has stopped drinking alcohol after the village decision. They believe that tobacco is a poison and acts like poison.

The aim is that a young man from the village remains healthy. At the same time, the rural youth want to make such a decision in every village for the benefit of the youth.

Pesticides are also responsible

After the decision, for 22 years, no details were found whether anyone in the village has cancer. Carry, ripe food, animals milk, poisoning and chemicals are also responsible for cancer. There is no awareness in the village. Spraying orgono phosphate or organo chlorine on the crop can cause cancer -diseases.


Gujarat Cancer Society (GCS) College and Hospital-Research Center Dr. Kirti Patel acknowledged the critical condition of the Kailia vessel. He said that the use of pesticides and fertilizers is likely to cause cancer. The same has happened in Kelia Vasan village. People here use pesticides and artificial fertilizers more without safety safety. Which can cause cancer. Since cancer can be prevented from preventing tobacco intake, cancer can also be prevented by changing the system of farming.

Wear gloves

The Agriculture Department of Gujarat believes that the research of chemical fertilizers and pesticides was for the benefit of agriculture. But it is highly used as a harmful effect or exceeds scientific congestion. Spraying of organ phosphate or organ chlorine on the crop can also cause cancer -cancerous diseases. Farmers should maintain proper proportion of medicines and also use medicines to wear gloves, masks and glasses. When the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides increases, the effect of soil, environment and human health is adversely affected. The Gujarat government has formulated an organic agricultural policy since 2015, yet insecticide is not less and cancer is increasing. Organic Agricultural University has been created but it cannot work. Natural farming is helped but the situation does not go away.

green vegetables

Consumption of green vegetables, less fruits increases cancer cases. On the other hand, green vegetables and vegetables are responsible for death due to polluted water and pesticides. According to a survey conducted in 15 to 49 -year men and women in the state of Gujarat, 5.8 percent of men and 0.6 percent of women were eating green vegetables only once a week, while 89.5 percent men and 89.8 percent women consume fruits. They were consuming fruits only once.

Cancer Village Kalia

The word cancer is shocked in Kalia Vasan village, 40 km from Ahmedabad. Kelia Vessals have got the title of ‘Cancer Village’. There are about 7000 villages in 500 houses. There are 20 residences that have all cancer cases. More than 20 died due to lungs, blood, mouth, breast cancer in five years, while informal 50 deaths have died. Cancer is a major problem with the village. Cancer is more for farmers and farm laborers. The cancer sector is caused by spraying the drug and eating such vegetables.


Pesticides use pesticides to curb the disease on vegetables in farming. Vegetables are sold in Ahmedabad and Vadodara markets. For this reason, cancer patients are increasing continuously in the city and Ahmedabad city. He has turned to organic farming. Ahmedabad has left the village. Due to this, active cases of cancer in the village have been reduced. Drugs are used extensively in the area. There is a dirt, dirty lake, dumping site.

Mouth cancer increases in the people of the village. Per patient

Average cost of Rs 5 lakh. The people of Gujarat spend Rs 3500 to Rs 5000 crore per year for the treatment of cancer.

In five years of Gujarat, 1.86 lakh people have died of cancer. In 2018, the highest 40873 people lost their lives against cancer. Lung cancer, bowel cancer, breast cancer and pancreatic cancer are spreading the most in the country. Due to this, death figures are also increasing. Cancer cases are increasing due to poor lifestyle, wrong eating habits. This disease is becoming a major threat to the future.

The number of people diagnosing normal cancer in Gujarat has increased from 3,939 to 72,169 in 2018, with 68,230 new cases reported. Which increased 1604 percent in a year. This has been officially announced.

In 2017, patients going to the clinic were 32.24 lakhs, which has increased to 40.00 lakhs in 2018. Which indicates an increase of 5.5 percent in a year.

Between 1990 and 2016, the number of trips to clinics has increased.

Every year 31 percent of the 21000 cancer patients entering GCRI are found to tobacco addicts.

GCRI has about thirty thousand cases per year. Of these, cancer is consolidated in 21 to 22 thousand patients. 45 percent of cancer is mo, breast and uterus. Tobacco is primarily responsible in 31 percent of cancer. In Ahmedabad, 19 percent of men and two percent of women smoke, 29.6 percent of men and 12.8 percent of women consume smoking tobacco. Which is better than other cities or villages of Gujarat.


India ranks 155th in the list of 172 countries with cancer.

In India, there are 70 to 90 cancer patients with a population of 1 lakh. According to Globocaine’s 2020 data, there were 1.3 million cases in India which would increase to 1.5 million in 2030.

In the year 2021, 13.92 lakh cases were reported. 3.77 lakh cancer cases occurred due to tobacco eating. According to a report by Medical Journal The Lancet, the number of cancer cases in the country in 2022 is 14,61,427. One of every 25 women in the country will have breast cancer.

Between 2018 and 2020, there were 40 million cancer patients in the country. Among them, 22.54 lakh people lost their lives.

In 2020, 7,70,230 died of 13,92,179 patients.

In 2019, 7,51,517 people died of 13,58,415 patients.

In 2018, there were 13,25,232 patients of cancer, 7,33,139 died.

According to the Indian Council of Medical Research, 26.7 million people were detected cancer in 2021 and the number could reach 29.8 million (about 30 million) by 2025.


The World Health Organization has announced new cases of 100 million 93 million cancer in the world in 2020. 99 lakh patients were killed. By 2030, there will be about 200 million cancer patients.

Cancer -Smuggling

Bharcha: 567 grams of Bendmastin HCL 4 cancer treatment drugs in the village of Waitlala in Dahz Charan -2. 143.50 grams 4 Bache Boritizomib was stolen from 4 compartments. 710.50 grams of both cancer drugs were stolen by Rs 39 lakh.


The rare element found in mushrooms in Kutch will be able to treat cancer patients. Mushrooms in Kutch can provide the main chemical elements for radiation therapy provided to mushroom cancer patients. Scientists at the Gujarat Institute of Desert Ecology (Guide) and the University of Kutch have successfully discovered rare natural elements on Earth with mushrooms.

Uttar Pradesh

A Kanhawadi village in Betul district of Madhya Pradesh, where an Ayurvedic Vaidya Bhagat Babu Lal has eliminated value cancer and many diseases.


Brain cancer, bone cancer, bladder cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, uterine cancer, kidney cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, stomach cancer, etc. Cases of thyroid cancer, oral cancer and throat cancer are the highest.

The number of patients with stomach cancer is also increasing rapidly. Poor foods are the main reasons for this. Symptoms include sudden weight loss, often abdominal pain, lumps in the breast, less abdominal pain, lumps or cough in any part of the body. The government should ban tobacco. Cancer disease can cause the patient physically, economically, mentally mentally. (Google translation)