Farmer Girish Patel adds sweetness to sweet potato from organic farming among tobacco fields

Gandhinagar, 21 March 2021

Sweet potato cultivation is 1700 hectares are planted, in Kheda, Mehsana, Banaskantha in Gujarat. In which 900 hectares of Khambhat farmers cultivate. Farmer Girishbhai Mohanbhai Patel is known in Gujarat for the organic farming of sweet potato for the last 10 years among the tobacco fields around Khambhat.

Farmer Girishbhai Mohanbhai Patel (8758258451) has been cultivating sweet potato for 10 years among tobacco fields all over the Khambhat. The highest income crop in Gujarat is tobacco. But Girishbhai has made a good income by sweet potato in only 2 bighas of land. He has received many awards.

Khambhat sweet potatoes were in high demand in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Jamnagar, Rajkot, Surat, Bharuch, Bhuj, Mumbai and Punjab during Shivratri. Cultivated in 900 acres of land in 13 villages around Khambhat, including Vatra, Andel, Nana Kalodra, Salana. The soil here is suitable for sweet potato. There is no such place anywhere else in Gujarat.

Potato cultivation in Gujarat produces 37 lakh tonnes in 1.21 lakh hectares. In contrast, 1% of sweet potato is planted and produced.

Girishbhai Mohanbhai Patel said, the sweet potato crop is the one that requires the least amount of fertilizer and labor. Water is required once a month. Its vines are used as animal feed.

Chemical fertilizer has no cost compared to organic farming. There are two cows and two buffaloes. Organic farming is done from its cow dung and urine.

Small and spoiled sweet potato is sold as animal feed.

Girishbhai Mohanbhai Patel said, prices are based on color and size. The fruit weighs 200 to 250 grams. Organic farming improves the brightness of tubers. The best income is in tobacco but sweet potato is better than that, income is good. The yield is 250 to 500 man per acre.

The festival of Shivaratri is most in demand. Sells in the market 3 days ago, good price.

Girishbhai Mohanbhai Patel said, disease does not, not pests. Caterpillars are found in farmers who give more nitrogen to bring greenery. The rest of the caterpillars do not come. If you give more nitrogen, the sweet potato tubers will burst. Organic farming does not cause cracks in tubers.

Girishbhai Mohanbhai Patel uses local seeds. 3-4 varieties. The white is ready in 2 months. Another variety is ready in 3 to 4 months. Bangalore variety is ready in 6 months, its tubers are long and deep. Its vines have good nutrition for animal feed. Irrigation has to be given 6-7 times in 6 months.

Packing grading cost if sold in local market. If you go to Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot market in cities, then you do not need to spend it. Only one merchant takes the truck. Good prices of sweet potato are available in big cities. The price per kg is 12 to 15 rupees. Traders who do not sell below Rs 50 per kg retail. Girishbhai Mohanbhai Patel said.

Organic sweet potato

Gives manure, castor oil and lemon flour. Organic manure, green manure, organic manure, kills on every irrigation. Their organic sweet potato tubers, shine on the clay tubers, taste good. So prices are good. When cooked with chemicals, cracks appear in the tuber. Girishbhai Mohanbhai Patel said.

More demand for desi papdi

According to Shubhash Palekar, he has cultivated indigenous papadis. Presently, the papdi season prepared with chemical fertilizers is over. But due to natural farming, their papadis are not currently affected by heat. That’s why it’s time to pick up the papadis. The best market prices are available. Papdi is sold at the local APMC. There are two bighas of land. Plant vegetables and sweet potatoes. Girishbhai Mohanbhai Patel said.

In India

In 2017-18, the production of sweet potato in India on 134000 hectares was 1503000 tonnes. It is estimated to be planted in 150,000 hectares in 2021 at present. There has been a steady decline in production and planting for the last 20 years. In 1996, 9092 kg per hectare was harvested. In 2017-18, 11201 kg per hectare is harvested.

Sweet potato is native. Made of starch and alcohol. Stings contain starch, sugars, vitamins A, B, C. Yellow and orange tubers are high in carotene.

It is a crop that can withstand the weather. Lack of water provides relief. Cannot stand extreme cold. It does not occur in black soil.

Navsari has developed Collection 71 and Cross 4 varieties, which yield 28 thousand kg per hectare with red bark for South Gujarat. Pusa white quality is good. Pusa Golden Loaf Long and Brown Peels Are the ones. After boiling, it turns light orange in color. (Translated from Gujarati)