Farmer from Unjha, Gujarat get free water for farming for 12 years from windmills

Gandhinagar, 26 October 2020

Jayeshbhai Barot, 10 educated farmer of Gangapur village in Unjha, Mehsana, Gujarat, has been doing wind energy farming for 12 years. Now that solar energy has become cheaper, it is being used. He has been receiving water from a windmill from a well in Bhambhar since 2007-08. The land is 2.36 hectares.

The windmill is used for irrigation in the field by well. Uses solar energy for farming, home or any electric powered equipment.

300 watts power

They used to buy water from the canal or nearby well for farming. Production was low due to irregular supply of electricity and water. Instead of relying on government power companies for electricity, they irrigate their fields by generating electricity or wind energy. The government has no plan for wind energy farming. Now he generate 300 watts of electricity from 4 plots of solar energy.

Own windmill

Jayeshbhai’s father Dahyabhai was in the army. After his retirement he got government land to do farming. Power cuts, deep water made farming impossible. Once, Jayeshbhai visited the Brahmakumari Institute in Mount Abu, technical information and guidance including the design of the windmill was fair. Being a knowledge himself, he himself built a 35 feet high windmill at a cost of Rs 2 lakh. Which started to drain water from a depth of 150 feet. Electricity is generated when no irrigation is needed and they are sold to the electricity board. Making money from it.

Farmers come to see the windmill

3 thousand farmers have visited his project. He was awarded by the government for agricultural research. “We have encouraged Jayeshbhai,” said an official of the Gandhinagar Krishi Bhavan. “Every farmer should make his farm self-sufficient like Jayeshbhai. So production will also increase, costs will come down.” Official said.

Production increased by 30% and cost decreased by 20%. Drip irrigation saves 30 percent more production and 20 percent other costs in farming. For this, he received a government award in 2010-11.

Production and profit

He produce 64 thousand kg of caster crop in 2007-08 at a cost of Rs.23 thousand per hectare. In which he made a profit of 41 thousand rupees. In 2009-10, the cost per hectare was reduced to Rs 25,000.  The yield was 87 thousand kg per hectare, had a profit of 64 thousand rupees.

Wind energy in Gujarat

Gujarat generates 7645 MW of wind and solar power. A 1000 MW wind energy project will be set up in the sea of ​​Pipavav port. The government has announced plans to recover 15,000 MW of energy in three years from 2019. In which 10 thousand MW solar power and 5 thousand MW wind power will be produced during three years. In 10 years, 30,000 megawatts of electricity will be generated from wind, water and solar power. But there is no provision for generating wind energy for the farmers.