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Amul Navi Kranti । AGN । allgujaratnews.in । Gujarati News ।

When Kurian Anand resigned from his job, Tribhuvan Patel barred him from working with him for a few days. Kurien observed that there was no production and demand for buffalo milk in Anand. So that the farmers were harmed. At that time only cow’s milk powder was made in the world. Converting milk into powder can prevent milk loss. There was a technique to make only cow’s milk powder.

There was no technique to make powder from buffalo milk. With Dr. Kurien his American colleague H.M. Dalya was working in Anand. He soon discovered skim powder from buffalo milk to make milk. While Kurian and Dalaya were busy researching it, dairy experts around the world considered it an impossible thing. He made the impossible possible. He was educated in Dairy Science.

The start-up dairy had to be given a brand name. The name “Amul” was fixed. It was registered in 1957 and soon became a household name. Now the name of such brand is coming out. NDDB will market this improvement. The final phase involved research on animal feed, animal health and animal nutrition issues. Now today’s officials are working to give a new direction to the cattle milk industry by trading cow dung.

7 types of improvements

Sudhan has prepared 7 types of fertilizers and enhancers. In which Rabari-dung manure contains solid and rock phosphate 3: 1 and germs. Which increases plant growth and nutrients. It increases phosphorus by making it soluble. Micronutrient grade-3 – plant leaf growth, chlorophyll, photosynthesis, yellowing and plant growth. Strength is high.

Under the Sudhan trademark registered under NDDB, it is given to farmers in Anand district. A total of 7 such products are made from manure rabri-dung and its water.

Bio fertilizer

Solid and liquid bio-fertilizers are prepared by performing the necessary process in the manure Rabari. Phosphate rich organic fertilizer (PRM), a liquid micronutrient, is prepared. Which is sold to farmers under the Sudhan brand. The process of processing the fertilizer is done by the entrepreneur.

Fertilizer will be marketed by Amul Dana Parlor. The surplus amount is returned to the female members after the sale of the product. Borsad GIDC in Anand district has a rubber processing plant with a daily capacity of 10 MT. Its capacity will be increased to 50 MT per day.

How did mass production suddenly increase in agriculture?

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