Gujarat’s beaches in danger

Ahmedabad, 10 April 2023
The state of Gujarat has the longest coastline of the country at 1945.6 km. 537.5 km of coastline is being washed away.
In which Shivrajpur beach of Kutch has been washed away the most.
Beaches like Mandvi, Thithal, Dandi, Ubhrat, Suvali, Dabri are on the verge of extinction.
Beach erosion and accretion are causing damage to the beach.
The entire country’s 6632 km coastline has been washed away. 60 percent of which are coastal, ecologically threatened.
33.6% of the sea coasts in the entire country are vulnerable to erosion. 26.9% of shorelines are damaged by siltation and siltation.

In a reply on 6 April 2023 in the Rajya Sabha, shocking information has come to the fore.

Shivrajpur Beach
The famous beaches of the state of Gujarat are on the verge of disappearing or losing their name in the near future. Shivrajpur Beach is promoted by the BJP government in various media as Blue Flag Beach. 5 BJP governments did not bring development but the beach in the middle is in danger. An area of 32692 square meters of Shivrajpur Beach is vulnerable to erosion. An area of 2396.77 square meters is being filled with silt and marine debris.

bulge beach
1 lakh 10 thousand 895.32 square meters of land is covered with silt in Ubergat beach of Valsad.

Valsad Tithal Beach
69 thousand 910 square meters of beach and 6 lakh 88 thousand 783 square meters of land are under erosion in Tithal and Suvavali.

Dandi Beach
16 lakh 40 thousand 434 square meters in Dabri and 69 thousand 434 square meters of land in Dandi are vulnerable to beach erosion.

20 thousand 471 square meter land of Kutch Mandvi is under siltation in the beach.
According to the Central Government’s Ministry of Earth Sciences, the coast of the state of Gujarat, which has the highest sea coast in the country, is in danger. Out of 1945.6 km coastline of Gujarat state, 537.5 km coastline has been eroded.

The Modi government at the Center has decided to identify three sites in Puducherry, Kerala and Tamil Nadu for prevention of erosion and silt dumping. Not a single site has been selected under the Central Sector Plan scheme in Modi’s home state of Gujarat, which has the country’s longest coastline and the most erosion-prone state. Modi has slapped the face of Gujarat.

The entire report shows that despite Modi being the chief minister and prime minister for 22 years in Gujarat and the central government, there is failure and apathy in protecting the coastal environment. Coastal environment will not only harm the marine environment and fauna, people living in the coastal area, 120 villages and 22 cities will be affected. In a few decades millions of people will have to leave the coast. The entire Dholera City and Dholera Airport will be filled with sea water.
Fishing in particular will have a major impact on the lives of fishermen and people living in coastal areas. Climate change will increase sea level and affect the environment. The double engine government of BJP has not even thought about this.

State Coastal Erosion in Kilometers
Gujarat 537.5
Tamil Nadu 422.94
West Bengal 323.07
Andhra Pradesh 294.89
Kerala 275.33

Gujarat’s Vanishing Beaches
Name of the coast Erosion sq. meter Cut-silt-accumulation sq. meter
Ugurbat Beach – 110895.32
Tithal Beach 69910.56 –
Suvalli Beach 688783.17 –
Mandvi Beach – 20471.44
Dandi Beach 69434.26 –
Dabri Beach 1640149.52 –
Shivrajpur Beach 32692.74 2396.77
Diu Beach (UT) – 2336.42
Ghoghla Beach (UT) 13614.04 3430.41