Gujarat’s Kalpsar and Ro Ro ferry service project failed because of Modi, 1200 crore wasted

Ahmedabad, 8 April 2023

Narendra Modi has drowned 1200 crore rupees of people of Gujarat in Gulf of Khambhat after Kalpsar and Ghogha ferry service project which he used to win 15 elections. Though the Kalpsar scheme could have been started, its design has been changed and has become unusable. Despite the Modi government being at the center for 10 years, it has not been approved. Injustice has been done to Gujarat, but tax of 1200 crores has been wasted. 200 rupees of every person and 2 thousand rupees of every tax payer of Gujarat was wasted by 10 BJP governments.

On 22 January 2003, the Modi government gave administrative approval of Rs 84 crore to start the Kalpasar scheme to create the world’s largest fresh water lake by damming the Gulf of Khambhat.

Despite the change of government 11 times in Gujarat, the Kalpsar scheme could not materialize. The work of Kalpsar Dam will take 20 years. Chinese and South Korean companies showed interest in this project worth Rs 1 lakh 25 thousand crore. Kalpsar scheme is three decades old. 25 surveys have been done. 550 crore has been spent.

In 1975, the Kalpasar plan was first conceived by UNDP expert Eric Wilson. The Gulf of Khambhat is excellent for tidal and tidal power generation. He fixed the site of the scheme at 64 km from Ghogha in Bhavnagar to Hansot in South Gujarat. Conceived to build a long dam and store fresh water. Kalpasar scheme was done by “Gujarat Industrial Investment Corporation” Dr. Anil Kane and GSFC Chairman Musa Raza. Musa Raza allotted two lakh rupees for preliminary enquiry.

Another plan

Although the feasibility report was negative, Rs 650 crore has been earmarked for the Dahej-Ghogha Ro Ro Ferry project. The Authority has caused a loss of 650 crores to the exchequer. The words of Modi Sahib’s speech for Dahej-Ghogha Ro Ro Ferry Project came true, we finish what we start.

The foundation stone of the Dahej-Ghogha ro-ro ferry was laid on 25 January 2012 by the then Chief Minister of the BJP government, Narendra Modi, and the completion was also done during the tenure of the Prime Minister of the BJP government, Narendra Modi.

The then Chief Minister Narendra Modi had come to Bhavnagar in 2008 and had said that during his tenure Kalpsar, Dholera Sir and Ghogha ro-ro ferries would be made. We finish what we start. Modi ji’s words came true, the story was completed even before it started.

Modi’s lyrics

Coming to the land of Bhavnagar, the then Chief Minister Narendra Modi said, “Friends, I have been listening to this Ro Ro Pheri since childhood. But no one has started it, good work is yet to be done.” All these things have come to me. Many governments have gone and there have been many bad leaders of Bhavnagar and insulted the dignitaries of Bhavnagar by saying this. The people of Bhavnagar have not forgotten this habit of humiliating others.

He described the Dahej-Ghogha Ro Ro Ferry as his dream project to be built at a cost of Rs 650 crore, the biggest in South Asia. And moreover he also said in 2008 that no one can predict how Bhavnagar will be after 10 years in the storm of development, Bhavnagar will be filled with an unimaginable deer, development will not be by leaps and bounds. Will proceed from Kudka.

Bad situation

Today is April 2023 and all the residents of Bhavnagar are experiencing this situation and after 15 years their dream project Dahej-Ghogha Ro Ro and Kalpsar Yojna both are on death bed.

Wrong decision

Gujarat Congress spokesperson Manhar Patel recalls the time when the then Manmohan Singh government had given a clear opinion that the viability of the Dahej-Ghogha Ferry project was not possible due to environmental and technical issues. The report was criticized by the then central government of Gujarat as a hindrance to the development of the state government. The result is an example of how a power that does not understand the scientific approach of hard work and the distinction of Harvard, how much harm it does to its people.

Modi should answer

The leaders of the BJP government lying on their deathbed told these two schemes as their dream projects, but for them the use of government money has proved to be just a ladder to gain power. Why put Rs 650 crore behind this project even though the feasibility report was negative? Who is responsible for the failed plans? Who will bear the loss in the state government? Modi, the visionary of the dream project, should answer to the people of Gujarat.

No state government can misuse funds for the purpose of benefiting its political party ignoring the scientific approach and basis. Legal action should be taken against those who fraudulently use public tax money in the Ro Ro Ferry scheme.

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