Invest one lakh Rs. in LIC scheme at a time to get pension, the more you invest, more you will benefit

Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) is intruduce ‘Jeevan Akshay-7’. The policy has started. It is an annuity plan i.e. pension scheme. In this, the policyholder gets a lifetime benefit by paying a lump sum premium. You can buy with an investment of at least Rs 1,00,000. People between 30 and 85 years old are eligible to invest in it. The special thing is that if the buyer of this policy will be encouraged by paying a premium of 5 lakh or more. That is, if you pay a premium of Rs 5 lakh or more, you will get a higher pension. No medical certificate or verification is required to purchase this policy.

The policyholder is given 10 different options to choose an annuity. You can click on this official face of LIC’s website to buy online. Click on ‘click to online’ option here. After this, the information contact details’ page will open in front of you, in which the requested information such as mobile number, name, email, etc. will have to be entered. Submit after filling and then the information ‘Personal Information’ form will open in front of you.