A new method of extracting oil from orange peel developed by Navsari’s agronomist

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Orange । AGN । allgujaratnews.in । Gujarati News ।

Gandhinagar, 22 September 2020

Standardization of solutions for extraction of oil and dyes from orange peel and seeds, P.H.T. department of Navsari Krishi Vishva Vidyalat. A new approach has been prepared by the department. Instead of throwing orange peel, oil can be extracted from it.

Orange peels are photochemical. The bark also contains calcium, magnesium, folate, vitamins A and B. Its oil is useful in many ways. Oil can also be extracted from it at home. Orange peel oil is used in many ways. It is also used to spread fragrance in the home, clean things and as a medicine.

Recommended for food processors. Peel a squash, grind it and squeeze the seeds. D-limonene can be extracted.

Use of n-hexane

Solvent Extraction – Solvent extraction means dissolving a specific substance in a solvent and separating it from the mixture. (n-Hexane) is a chemical made from crude oil. Pure n-hexane is an oily liquid with little odor. It can be very flammable and steam explosive. Pure n-hexane is used in laboratories.

Most n-hexanes used in the industry are mixed with similar chemicals called solvents. It is used to extract cooking oil from seeds. Used in cleaning various items and in textile production. They are commonly used in the extraction of food-based soybean oil in the United States.

Most of the N-hexane used in the industry is mixed with similar chemicals called solvents. N-hexane-containing solvents are widely used to extract vegetable oil from crops such as soybeans. These solvents are also used as cleaning agents in the printing, textile, furniture, and shoe industries.


Oil is used to taste cakes, water, and any food. Used in making good conditioners for hair products. Used for natural cleaners. The bark contains vitamin C and antioxidants. It acts as a natural purifier. The peel contains fragrance and oil. Excellent natural cleaners as well as air fresheners can also be made from it.

Sprinkling boiled water on the bark makes it fragrant and fragrant. The matchsticks are used to remove foul smell from the fridge. Used to remove all odors. Used for polishing stainless steel or wood surfaces. There is citric acid, which naturally acts as bleach.


The peels were used for the treatment of cancer, lungs, diabetes, weight loss, eye therapy, teeth, and skin. Orange-orange peel powder is used as a face pack. Beneficial for facial beauty. It also contains antioxidants. Makes skin healthy and glowing Regulates blood pressure.

Oils or fragrances contain bio-flavonoids that speed up blood flow. Folic acid strengthens hair roots. Contains antioxidants to strengthen the immune system. Taking bark or oil in milk clears the blood. Mixing turmeric in milk and applying on the face removes acne.

Helps prevent problems like anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, acidity, heartburn, nausea, vomiting. Flavonoids also increase the speed of osteoporosis, colon cancer, liver, metabolism, helping to eliminate obesity and cholesterol.