Speculators ‘earnings from farmers’ on castor, losses, warehouse buy cheap

Gandhinagar, 13 March 2021

The highest castor in India is in Gujarat. There is speculation going on in the village of Adani in Gujarat. Farmers are being harmed in Jesus. Modi’s new law is also allowing traders to fill godowns. Now what is happening in Gujarat will be in a big way due to the enactment of law. It has already started in Gujarat.

In the total farms of Gujarat, farmers have cultivated only 6.45 percent of castor. Of the total land in the district, the farmers of Patan cultivated 27.63 percent of the castor in the state. Agriculture Department estimates, in the agricultural year 2020-21, farmers will produce 14.70 lakh tonnes by cultivating castor on 6.38 lakh hectares. Production of 2303 kg per hectare was expected.

If a company has Rs. 4500 crores, then all the people of Gujarat buy Aland and fill it in the warehouse. After 5 months, they earn twice as much profit. This will be done by the new agricultural law, A. Gujarat has told.

Ever since the speculation started, the farmers of Saurashtra have banned castor cultivation.

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Under production

With castor cultivation, high rainfall, and disease, castor production is unlikely to exceed 1.2 million tonnes.

Last year’s farming

In 2019-20, castor is estimated to produce 1944 kg per hectare with an output of 14.32 lakh tonnes in 7.36 lakh hectares. Agricultural officials believe that the yield was 15.50 per cent or 359 kg less per hectare.

Farmers pressure on farmers despite low production

Traders in the futures market have started looting the farmers by pressing the market in castor. Earlier, higher prices were stated to make a profit. This happened 3 times. Traders are now buying real goods and filling the warehouses, pressing the market. Futures are fast. As a result, farmers are losing crores of rupees.

Speculative market harms farmers

The farmers have suffered a lot since the futures started speculating. Farmers do not determine the price of their produce, but the forward speculators determine the price of agricultural produce. Now on coming to the market, the future bookies have reduced the price of castor goods. It will be the turn to sell at the cost of water by reducing the price of farmers. Because the peasants are not organized but the speculators are organized. A small number of traders along with Pakistan are suspected to buy food like casts. Later, prices increase. No one will ask, after the new law.

Cheap Price 1200 per 20 kg

The current price ranges from Rs 1,000 to Rs 875. But in futures, it is calculated to take up to 500 rupees or 200 rupees per 20 kg. These bookies will then load the cheap goods of the farmers into the godown. And due to shortage of goods in the market, the price can go up to 1 or 2 thousand rupees. Hence many farmers have decided not to sell castor till the price reaches Rs 1200. Because as long as there is 1 thousand rupees for 20 kg, then there is no profit.

The goods sent

In 2020, exports grew by 20%. If 1.5 million tons of goods enter the market, exports will increase. While Bhabhar works as a bookie in private, it is Adani’s village in Adani. Its prices in Gujarat are between 900 to 920. This is a lot of indicators. 2500 Baig is traded in Bhabhar. 6500 in Kadi and 2365 in Siddhpur.

General farming

In the current year 2020, 6.38 lakh hectares were grown. The agriculture department estimates that farmers planted 7.40 lakh hectares last year. Commonly cultivated over 6.25 lakh hectares.

Most of the planting is done in Kutch. North Gujarat has the highest cultivation. In Saurashtra of South Gujarat, farmers have stopped planting castor on a large scale.

10 years ago farming

The productivity per hectare was 9.86 lakh tonnes in 2010-11, which was 4.90 lakh hectares in 2010-11.

Production increased in the decade

In the agricultural year 2020-21, farmers have planted castor on 6.38 lakh hectares and with a production of 14.70 lakh tonnes, the productivity of 2303 kg has been determined by the Department of Agriculture. Thus, in 10 years, farmers have shown an increase in planting, production, and productivity.

Use in fuel

Developed countries use castor oil as a fuel to avoid the increasing pollution of petroleum products. Farmers who do not have irrigation facilities can make a profit by cultivating castor on their wasteland. Its cultivation reduces both labor and costs.

Use of castor

Castor oil is very important but it does not work for food. Castor oil is used in making paints, detergents, medicines, plastic goods, inks, polishes, paints, and lubricants. 250 types of ingredients are made from castor oil. India is the largest producer of castor in the world. Cosmetics are also used to make soaps, lotions, massage oils, and medicines.(Translated from Gujarati)