Mamta attacks on Amit Shah, Modi, never let Bengal become Gujarat

9 December 2020

West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee reiterated today, December 9, 2020, “We will not allow Bengal to become Gujarat, as the BJP wants to do. Nobody will be able to drive anyone out of Bengal.”

Mamta attacks on Amit Shah, Modi and Media

Never let Bengal become Gujarat, BJP wants to incite violence, Bengal is Bengal, we cannot take anyone out from here.

Earlier, he had said that a conspiracy was being hatched to create unrest in Bengal. BJP wants to create communal atmosphere in the state. The media is helping them in this. Media and social media are being used to incite riots. The BJP is announcing, so the TV channels are doing.

Mamta Banerjee has repeatedly said that the BJP should know that Bengal is not Gujarat. We will not allow this to happen in Bengal. The BJP is working to create discontent in Bengal. The central leaders of BJP (Shah, Modi) are plotting to cause problems in Bengal. This is BJP’s plan.

He had earlier said that Bengal is not Gujarat or UP. Bengal is Bengal. Some outside gangsters are coming here. But know that you cannot destroy all structures. Efforts are being made to disrupt the government. Bengal is not Gujarat and not UP. Bengal is Bengal. Some outside gangsters have started working here. Can not sabotage the federal structure. I know they will do more before the election.

Mamta Banerjee said that the people of Bengal would not give you even an inch without fighting. Mamta alleged, “The BJP party office is making headlines to the news channels. The PMO is deciding who will be the editor. In this way they control the media. What happened to PM Care Fund. Why can’t it be audited?

Mamta Banerjee also targeted Union Home Minister Amit Shah. He said that instead of protecting the country’s borders, the Home Minister was busy in the Bengal municipal elections. Then make him municipal commissioner! If he is very interested in the affairs of the state, then make him Chief Minister! But if he is the home minister of the country, he should think about the country.

Mamta Banerjee said, I would like to request the Prime Minister, you are the Prime Minister of this country. Honor the chair. Do not accuse us every day, do not kill us every day. Forget PM Modi thinks Bengal today, India thinks tomorrow. Bengal has always been at the forefront of freedom struggle, renaissance or culture.

Banerjee said that ten people died in the post-election violence in the state and eight of them belonged to his party Trinamool Congress. The other two were BJP supporters.

BJP leaders claim that they will throw the Trinamool out of the state in the 2021 assembly elections.

Mamta Banerjee claimed that the BJP was planning to make Bengal “Gujarat”. I am preparing to go to jail but I will not let it happen in Bengal like Gujarat.