In Gujarat, 45 deaths in 14 factory in 10 months, set up a standing committee in each district

Appeal to CM of Gujarat on the occasion of Human Rights Day:

Prevent industrial accidents in Gujarat and prevent workers’ deaths by establishing safe workplaces

Gandhinagar, 10 December 2020

Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation has 182 – GIDC, 7 Special Economic Zones (SEZ) and 11 Special Investment Zones (SIR). There are 40 thousand industries. Therefore, special attention needs to be taken against fire and explosion incidents. In a short span of ten months from February 2020 to December 2020, there have been 14 incidents of fire and accidents in Gujarat. 45 people have died and many has been injured.

On late night of December 9, 2020, a chemical fire called Matakshi Enterprise, a chemical company called Zakshya near the Vatva-Vinjol railway gate in Ahmedabad, caught fire. A total of 6 companies were burnt to ashes in the fire.

Fires and accidents are frequent in the state. Countless human and animal birds have been killed. The imbalance of the environment is in danger.

Paryavaran Mitra has appealed in a letter to the Chief Minister of the state.


Paryava Mitra has been working for the last 23 years to spread awareness about environmental protection and environmental education in Gujarat. Drafting environmental laws nationally and internationally and making necessary recommendations in international treaties, the Environment Friend has been accorded special advisory status by the United Nations in the EcoSo Forum. Been an active participant in the Climate Change Summit for over 10 years. UNFCCC acts as Observer.

The government is required to give the following instructions to the departments concerned to prevent accidents and fires in industries.

  1. A campaign should be launched across the state to stop illegal warehouses storing hazardous chemicals.
  2. Check if all industrial units have taken NOC on fire protection and if not, shut down the industrial unit with immediate effect.
  3. Some industrial units have taken a No Objection Certificate on fire protection, but have not renewed the license even after its expiry. A campaign should be launched to renew it on an immediate basis and make it compulsory to renew the fire protection license every year.
  4. Compulsory fire protection training centres have been established in all 182 GIDCs and SEZs and SIRs of Gujarat. Arrange for every officer or employee involved in the fire safety work of each industrial unit to undergo refresher training every six months (fire protection equipment is available due to recent fire incidents, but is not able to operate).
  5. If any hazardous chemical industries are closed, they should be cleaned immediately.
  6. Any gas in the tanks of closed industries should be disposed of.
  7. Long vacancies in various departments of fire brigade, pollution control board and factory inspection should be filled immediately. Accountability must be ensured.

We have the following recommendations before the state government:

  1. The state government should form a district-wise standing committee to assess the type of damage caused in the event of an accident, fire or pollution, hold a hearing with the affected people and then report to the district magistrate. On which the District Magistrate can issue compensation orders and draw attention of the Gujarat Pollution Control Board regarding environmental damage so as to compensate for the environmental damage.
  2. Special Civil Application No. 9699 of 200899- Solanki directed the Gujarat High Court to form a committee in the case of Jaswant Singh Kalusinh vs District Collector. In which (1) District Collector, (2) Member of GPCB, (3) Secretary of Forest and Environment Department, (4) Department of Irrigation and Water Resources, (5) Animal Husbandry Department, (6) President of Gram Panchayat or Municipality or Become a member of their representatives. This committee will study the loss and submit its report to the District Magistrate and accordingly the District Magistrate will decide the compensation.
  3. Gujarat Pollution Control Board collects the amount of Environmental Damage Compensation (EDC) only from industries, factories, industrial units responsible for pollution, accidents. Which needs to be used to compensate for environmental damage.
  4. Whenever a major industrial disaster occurs, an inquiry committee is formed by the government but the report of this inquiry committee is not kept in the public domain. We demand that such reports be made public and released.
  5. There is a need to put in place a monitoring mechanism for the implementation of recommendations or directives made by the Commission of Inquiry submitted. In particular, the Coordination Committee of the Disaster Management Authority, the Department of Industrial Safety and Health and the Pollution Control Board should meet every six months and instruct them to take necessary steps by obtaining information about the implementation.

You are expected to heed these recommendations and suggestions and take immediate action to make your state of Gujarat free from industrial accidents.


Mahesh Pandya

Summary of Industrial Accidents in Gujarat
February-20 to November-20
Sr No. Factory/Company names Incident Date Details of the accident Death Injured Remark
1 Nandan Denim, (ChiripalGroup,narol-pipadaj- pirana road Ahmedabad. 08\02\2020 Incident of Fire 7
2 Lotus Label Industries, Ahmedabad 22/02/2020 Incident of Fire 3
3 Yashashvi Chemical,Dahej 03/06/2020 Blast 12 70 1.       Factory Inspector/ deputy director/safety and health officer have to stop the processing production of the factory.

2.       NGT taken  case no. 22/2020.

3.       The New plant was constructed without EC and CTE for the purpose of expansion behind the Production Plant for which the GPCB only Sought clarification but did not take any action.

4.       GPCB Collected 1 Cr. Rupees as a EDC.

4 Unicharm India Pvt Ltd. Bod, GIDC , Sanand 24/06/2020 Incident of Fire
5 Shree Shakti Chemical Company, Vatva- GIDC, Ahmedabad 17/07/2020 Effect of Chemical 2 1
6 Vishal Febrics (Chiripal Group ), Village – dholitalula-Dholka, Ahmedabad


18/07/2020 Gas leakage in ETP plant 4
7 Mikas Organics Ltd. GIDC Vapi 04/08/2020
8 Nandan Denim (Chiripal Group, Narol- Piplaj- Pirana Road, Ahmedabad 07/08/2020 Incident of Fire
9 Shakti Bio Science Ltd. GIDC, Vapi 08/08/2020 GPCB Collected 25 lakhs. Rupees as a EDC.
10 Yashashvi Chemical dahej 23/08/2020 Incident of Fire
11 Trion Chemicals Pvt Ltd. Village Neja, Taluka.Khambat 04/08/2020 Incident of Gas Leakage 100
12.1 Pirana Dumping Site



26/09/2020 12 yrs old girl was stabbed 1
12.2 Pirana Dumping Site



28/01/2020 35 yrs old lady was burnt 1
13 Bridge Industries, Changodar 14/10/2020 Incident of Fire
14 Pirana Process House( Sahil Enterprises) 04/11/2020 Incident of Boiler rapture and fire 13 NGT has taken (case no 258/2020) SUOMOTO, The Government of Gujarat form a committee under chairmanship Vipul Mmitra (IAS).Report is not in public Domain.
15 Brichem Sciences Pvt Lt,  Kalol GIDC 05/12/2020 Blast 1 5



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