Many projects were canceled at the new Kalupur railway station in the Heritage Look

Ahmedabad, 9 April 2021
The work of giving the heritage look to Kalupur railway station of World Heritage Ahmedabad city at a cost of Rs 30 crore has been completed in 2 years. Modi is expected to come for the inauguration.

The entire railway station is filled with LED themed lighting. Now it will be possible to do such lighting which is done for any festival or any other occasion.

Pictures of all the places of Ahmedabad city are also inscribed on the walls of the railway station.

Other facilities are provided. The Ahmedabad railway station will be replaced in the coming months.

There was a plan to put a huge dome on the roof of the railway station, but the whole plan to put three big domes on the roof of the station was spoiled due to the fact that this building was years old and weighing many tons was the cause of accidents.

There were also plans to install a heritage gate such as Delhi Darwaza on and off the road. But this much is still enough.

The public will be harassed by removing the BRTS bus stand in the station premises itself.

The intention to remove the station is to reduce congestion in the station premises.

There is not a single public toilet in such a large railway complex. Passengers have to go to platform number 1 with a platform ticket.

The historic two swinging towers at the station are also the center of attraction. There will also be special facilities for the people.