Meat, milk, eggs made in the laboratory, slaughter of 3 crore cattle in Gujarat will stop every year

If milk is being made without cows, meat without buffalo, eggs without chickens, the slaughter of 3 crore cattle in Gujarat will stop every year.

Gandhinagar, 17 December 2020

In 2016 it was announced that in the next 5 years, canned meat, milk and eggs made in the laboratory would be available for sale at city stores. Those days have now come. When meat, eggs and milk are being made in factories. Soon they will be available in malls, dairy counters and shops.

In Gujarat, 3 crore animals are currently slaughtered for meat. 33 thousand tons of meat are eaten by animals. 1500 crore kg of milk is obtained from cattle and 200 crore eggs from chickens. Now if meat, eggs, milk starts to be produced in the factory, then all these products will not be made in the farm or slaughterhouse. It will take a few years but it is sure to happen.

Just as Gujarat has contributed to the development of dairy, Gujarat will be ahead in producing meat without cattle. Because most people in Gujarat do not believe in violence. There are more followers of Jains, Vaishnavites, Swaminarayan sect or religion who do not like to eat meat, mutton, eggs.

Discovery in India

Some researchers at IIT Guwahati have prepared meat in the laboratory for this problem. Researchers at the Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Laboratory have developed a new technique to produce meat. The patent has been taken.
The meat will taste like raw meat. Animal serum, antibiotics and hormones were not used.


Uma S. of Andhra Pradesh is an Indian-American scientist, cardiologist and co-founder of Memphis Meats. Valletti, along with two other colleagues, made meat from animal cells in the laboratory. It does not deteriorate will help prevent large-scale animal slaughter.

Microorganisms take specialized cells from some animals using technology. These cells are then absorbed into oxygen and nutrients such as sugars and minerals. Develops between nine and 21 days. Will prepare hamburgers by technique. Lab-prepared meats contain nutrients and flavor similar to traditional meats. Will happen.

The entire nature of companies and catering is changing.

Milk produced without cows will be produced by fermented bacteria.

Another company will make eggs without chickens that will cost less than real eggs.

There is a risk of consumption of milk and meat due to the spread of many diseases such as bird flu in animals and birds.

The place of keeping animals is also not suitable. Milk, yogurt and infected meat are more likely to be mixed. Keeping all this in mind, many multinational companies are planning to convert slaughterhouses and dairy farms into modern and clean laboratories. This change is coming soon in Gujarat. Some dairy and meat-making firms are engaged in its preparation. However, the price of each of these products is still higher than eggs.

Billions of animals are killed every year.
The requirement of meat by killing animals cannot be fulfilled by 2050. 130 million chickens and 4 million pigs are slaughtered every day for meat. Importantly, if we talk about the total number of mammals on Earth, 60 percent of them are animals, 36 percent are humans and 4 percent are wild animals.

Singapore is the first country

Singapore has become the first country in the world to allow the sale of meat produced inside a lab. The American company will produce chicken feed at Just Eat Lab. The company has also successfully passed the safety test of the Food Agency of Singapore. It can be very expensive in the beginning.

However, it is not yet decided how much energy and nutrients are in the meat of the laboratory.

India accounts for about 20.17 percent of the total milk production in the world. India accounts for about 5.65 percent of the world’s total egg production and India has the largest population of milch animals in the world, with 110 million buffalo, 133 million goats and 63 million sheep.
Exports of animal products include buffalo, sheep, goat meat, poultry products, animal hides, milk and milk products.


There are 1 crore buffalo and many cows in Gujarat. Hens and other animals altogether

10,000 buffaloes are slaughtered for eating meat. 54 thousand sheep are slaughtered. 80 thousand goats and 4 thousand pigs and 3 crore chickens are killed. Thus 32 million animals are killed and meat is eaten.

A total of 33 thousand tons of meat is eaten. These figures are of the official abattoir. But in reality it will be barely 10 percent. In fact, the slaughter is many times more. This estimate is being made because the government has been hiding data for the last 10 years. When Jain Chief Minister Vijay Rupani came, Gujarat consumed 33180 tonnes of meat, which was 33330 tonnes in 2018-19. Which has not increased much. In contrast, Gujarat’s neighboring state of Rajasthan has increased from 175,000 tonnes of meat to 192,000 tonnes. Thus, it is clear that those figures are hidden in Gujarat. The government officially states that not a single cow is slaughtered or eaten in Gujarat. But only when caught every day. If 5 lakhs of beef is eaten in Bihar, there is no reason to eat in Gujarat.

In 2000–01, 350 million eggs were laid. Gujarat is eating 185 crore eggs in 2018-19 and 200 crore eggs in 2019-20.

In 2000-01, 532 crore kg milk was produced, which increased to 1450 crore kg in 2018-19 and 1500 crore kg in 2019-20.


In the year 2019-20, the export of livestock production in India was Rs 26,383.99 crore.

Meat of buffalo 22668.47 crores
Meat of sheep and goat 646.69 crores
Poultry products 574.58 crores,
Dairy Products 1341.01 Crore,
Processed meat is 14.72 crores.

Meat exports to India have increased rapidly due to the demand for buffalo meat from India in the international market. Buffalo meat exports over 89.08% of the total exports of livestock products from India to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Malaysia, Republic of Egypt, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates.