Modi did not approved, then Gujarat farmer Bt Bolgard 3 to sow illegally for 4 years

Gandhinagar, 26 May 2021

After Monsanto’s Ballguard 1 and Ballguard 2 varieties, Monsanto has offered the Ballguard 3 variety to farmers around the world. But the central government does not allow Bolgard 3 Bt cotton seeds in India, including Gujarat, and Montanso is not interested in doing business in India because he does not receive much royalties.

The anti-farmer Modi government at the center is not approving, therefore farmers in Gujarat have started sowing illegal Bollgard 3 Bt cotton for the last 4 years. Bowlguard 3 Bt cotton is grown in their fields. It is being cultivated more in Saurashtra and North Gujarat.

Sowing of BT started

The farmers have started sowing cotton from 10 May 2021. This time thousands of farmers have continued to sow illegal Bt cotton for the fourth consecutive year in violation of the central government and patent laws. In Upleta, Dhoraji Leaf, Bolgard 3, seed traders sell illegally and farmers buy.

The BJP government has not approved Ballguard 3 since 2014. Hence farmers are sowing in violation of the rules.

Gujarat has the biggest advantage

Gujarat has gained billions of rupees from the American ballguard technology. With the advent of Bt cotton, production has quadrupled. Therefore, Gujarat has become the largest producer of cotton in the entire country. If by law it is mandatory to grow indigenous Karas or soybeans around cotton. But since the farmers are not doing this, the pink caterpillar has arrived.

The cotton revolution has also had political benefits in increasing agricultural production. Modi has reached the Prime Minister of the country by declaring Gujarat as a model from BT Cotton. Now the central government does not allow Ballard 3. If allowed, the Sixth Cotton Revolution may occur in Gujarat.

Illegally sowed BT in 1998

In 1998, the first Bt cotton was secretly planted by farmers in Gujarat. Ahmedabad-based seed company brought its gin from the US and started selling it in Kutch. But then the then BJP government had registered a case against him. Three years before the Monsanto company brought Bt seeds to India, farmers in Gujarat showed notes growing Bt cotton.

Three proteins called VIP3A

The Bolgard technique involves the Cry1ac and Cry2ab genes of the Bacillus thuringiensis bacterium. To which a new gene has been added to the third discovery, three proteins called VIP3A have been added. Which is effective for lepidopterian caterpillars. Resistance is a less cultivable property in a new organism. Sources at Anand Agricultural University said that this gene therefore has a good effect on helicopterwarpa.

The genes cause the intestine’s intestines to be destroyed by eating leaves or cotton fruits. Then he dies. As a result, farmers have saved billions of rupees on pesticides and production has quadrupled.

Kills the whitefly

The proteins contained in Bolgard 3 Bt seeds are mainly Coleptera i.e. beetle molds, whiteflies, moths, butterflies. Kills the notion of being.

67 species of Bt bacteria are found on soil, water and leaves. The Indian government is not ready to allow farmers to reap economic benefits by not approving this new ballguard technique for inexplicable reasons.

Majuri in america

Apart from India, farmers in America, Australia and China are earning crores of rupees by growing 3 varieties of Bolgard and producing more at low cost. But this is not intentionally allowed in India.