Muslims perform Rosa Rakhi Namaz in Korona ward of Ahmedabad Civil Hospital

At present 4 patients are suffering from coronary heart disease in Ahmedabad Civil Hospital. Admitted patients also include Muslim comrades from the Kot area of ​​the city. In Islam, the month of Ramadan is considered sacred and is fasted by Muslims. Among the Muslim patients admitted to the Korona ward of the Ahmedabad Civil Hospital who are in stable condition, they had spoken to the civil authorities about fasting. Therefore, the Civil Hospital has also taken a quick decision in this regard and has changed the meal times of the fasting comrades. These patients are given milk, lemon juice and fruit juice at 3:00 am urban time early in the morning. And in the evening iftar, dates, milk and juice are given. The Muslim comrades entering the Korona ward offer regular prayers and are determined to observe the fast completely.