Narmada dam and canal work completed, irrigation in 5 lakh hectare instead of 18.50 lakh

Gandhinagar, 19 June 2020

The Narmada Canal had a plan to irrigate 18.55 lakh hectares of land in Gujarat. According to him, despite 95 percent of the canals in Gujarat, more than 5 lakh hectares are not being irrigated. Thus, questions are being raised on the Narmada canals after an investment of one lakh crore rupees. Every farmer in Gujarat is wondering why irrigated water is not provided to farmers despite having enough water for irrigation in 18.55 lakh hectares.

Construction of main dam has been completed, discharge of reservoirs FRL. Has been started till F.R.L. 138.68 m. The live storage capacity is 5800 MCM. The water level is 151.57 mcm as on 31 May 2020, with 121.67 m and live water storage.

Thus in the month of May there was sufficient water to supply to the farmers. In addition, the construction of the irrigation bypass tunnel has been completed. The Narmada Corporation has disclosed the details of the canal structure and how much irrigation is being done. According to him, the canal work is mostly completed. The land which has not been received and the work which is in dispute is now left.

Work on main canal and branch canals completed

The main canal is 458 km with a total of 2731 km of cool branch canals to be built which is 2637 km. The remaining 94 km of sub-canals could not be constructed due to the influx of industries in the fields. Veeramgam and Dholera are one of them. In this way the work of branch canals is completed.

Delivery canal

Calm canals that distribute water were to be built in 4569 km. In which 4402 km of canals have been completed. The 167 km canal remains. 3 percent canal is yet to be built. The remaining canals are those where further construction is not possible due to objections or industries have come into the area hence it has been removed. Thus the distribution canal work is completed.

Small canals

It was decided to construct 15670 km of small canals in Gujarat. In which 14186 kilometers of small canals have been built. 1484 km canal is yet to be built. Which is 10 percent outstanding. In which most of the time there is no work left. It literally means that the small canal has reached the farm. Farmers can take water from it.

Sub-minor canals

The canals that reach every farmer’s field are called sub-small canals. It was already decided that construction of 48,320 km of such canals would be stopped. In which 40097 km canals have been built. Now only 8223 km or 20 per cent of the long canals are yet to be built. In fact, over 50 years, many geographical and industrial changes have occurred on the ground. So, in reality, only 10 percent work is left.

One lakh hectares of land become de-commanded

At least 1 lakh hectare area where Narmada was to be irrigated has been reduced. A total of 30,902 hectares of land in Dhandhuka taluka are excluded from canal unirrigation. 21,900 hectares of land were de-commanded due to Dhaulera Sarna. Out of 13,967 hectares of irrigated land in Bavaria village, 7,016 hectares were de-commanded.

In Bhanavagar district too, 1986 hectares, thus 30 thousand hectares of land is in Dholera Sir. The area cut off from the Narmada Project’s defined irrigation area is non-regionally over one lakh hectares, but officially 40,254 hectares. The highest area of ​​Ahmedabad district, Bharuch 8526, Vadodara 4298, Narmada district 54 ha, Chhota Udepur 187, 2, Kheda 704 ha, Gandhinagar 111 ha, Mehsana 709 ha, Morbi 884 ha and Patan district 516 ha.


Thus, out of 18.55 lakh hectares, the demoted area has increased to 1 lakh and now 17.50 lakh hectares have to be irrigated. In which sub-minor canals have been irrigated from 18.55 lakh hectare to 1488951 hectare by March 2020. This means that 366049 canals are yet to be built. If 1 lakh hectares of dismond area is harvested, then no more than 2.50 lakh hectares of field is left. The government itself is saying that Narmada water is irrigating 15 lakh hectares.

What did the government say on 19 February 2020

In the 2020 solar season, 10.81 lakh hectares were irrigated. This information has been revealed in the photos taken by the satellite in January-2010. Which was 9.34 lakh hectares in January 2019 last year. The government claims an increase of 1.47 lakh hectares a year on satellite basis. Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel said that the benefit of irrigation facility has been provided in an area of ​​10.81 lakh hectares in 73 taluks of 17 districts. Of which 32,857 hectares have been increased in Patan district, 28403 hectares in Kutch district and 15143 hectares in Banaskantha district.

Thus, instead of disclosing the fact that the Narmada Corporation is irrigating itself, the government is showing the illusion of irrigation by considering the satellite’s unrealistic position. In fact, Narmada does not irrigate more than 5 lakh hectares.

The water in Narmada is such that at present 18.55 lakh hectares can be irrigated.