Pakistan’s move to declare 4 Indian citizens as terrorists was thwarted in the Security Council

Pakistan’s move to defeat India has been thwarted by the five member countries of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). Pakistan itself was planning to add some Indians to the list of terrorists through the United Nations. The five members of the council are the United States, Britain, France, Germany and Belgium. These countries voiced that Pakistan is prosecuting India without any concrete evidence. Five member countries have two non-permanent and three P5 nations. These countries asked the UNSC 1267 Al Qaeda Prohibition Committee Secretariat to block Pakistan’s proposal to list the names of Indian citizens Angara Appaji and Govind Patnaik Duggiwala as terrorists.

Pakistan has tried to place 4 Indian nationals in this list. In June this year, Pakistan also tried to add Indian nationals Venumadhav Dongra and Ajay Mistry to the list, which was stopped by the US. Even this year, Pakistan has not been able to produce any such evidence to accuse Indian citizens. The Indian national Venumadhav Dongra was tried to prove the accused. Dongra is an engineer at an Indian construction company in Afghanistan.