Why didn’t Rupani give any relief to Gujarat industries, why lot of relief to the foreign industries? Congress

Ahmedabad, 9 May 2020
Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has announced on May 8, 2020, that new industries from abroad will come to Gujarat. This came as a great surprise and shock. The advertisements that have been made for the businessmen coming from abroad make it clear that ‘home industries ring the bell and feed the foreigners’. Instead of announcing to give all the approvals in 7 days by arranging online for the entrepreneurs coming from abroad, we should worry about the small and micro enterprises of Gujarat which are currently in trouble. Said the Congress.

Exemption of 4 years of exploitation in labor laws
The Gujarat government has announced to provide 33,000 hectares of land for new industries coming from abroad and also with plug and production facilities. In fact, our industries are in dire straits due to Coronavirus, banknote ban, and excessive GST. Our local industries should not be given more benefits than the red carpet for new foreign industries. With the exception of three laws to allow new entrants from abroad to fully exploit workers, all group laws allow new industries up to 1,500 days, which would be fatal for our workers.

stop relief to foreigner company 

The love of the state government for these industries coming from abroad will be tantamount to slapping our domestic industries in Gujarat. Therefore, with immediate effect, consideration should be given to the survival of our local industries by stopping the favors for all these industries coming from abroad and the sentiment and demand has been made by the Congress party to give an immediate stimulus package to our Gujarat industries. This was stated by Congress spokesperson Shaktisinh Gohil. allgujaratnews.in