Worker unions to begin Demonstrations against Modi from September 23

Amid the growing economic crisis in the country, the central government is having to fight on several fronts. On the one hand, revenue cuts have led to spending cuts, and on the other, trade unions are now preparing to take a stand against government employees’ premature retirement policy and economic reform decisions. Opposition to the government’s decision to retire in the public interest has intensified following a performance review of senior government employees with more than 30 years of experience. The country’s largest labor unions have gathered on the issue. He demanded that the decision be reversed on an immediate basis.

“We demand that the government immediately withdraw its pre-mature retirement policy for senior employees,” said AITUC general secretary Amarjit Kore. On September 23, we will hold demonstrations across the country against the government’s anti-labor economic policies. On that day, even against this decision of the government, the trade union will protest all over the country. The country’s largest labor unions have accused the government of bringing in a pre-mature retirement policy at such a time. While the economy is going through a period of severe crisis. The risk of being fired will only increase.