Rupani government will give land only to companies like Adani due to land allocation rules

cm vijay rupani
cm vijay rupani

Gandhinagar, 15 February 2021

The Rupani government is increasing the landlords. In Gujarat, the number of individual landlords is decreasing. Nearly 400 companies have more than 10 hectares of industrial land since the BJP government came to power. Now the Rupani government is giving 20,000 hectares of land for farming to companies like Adani and Reliance or selling it to companies with malls for 30 years.

58 lakh farmers in Gujarat

There are 58 lakh farmers in Gujarat. In which 22 lakh farmers with less than 1 hectare own 12 lakh hectares. Between 1 and 1.99 hectares, 17 lakh farmers own 2.5 million hectares of land. Between 2 and 3.99 hectares, 11 lakh farmers own 33 lakh hectares. 4.5 lakh farmers with 4 to 9.9 hectares of land have 2.50 lakh hectares. Since 2001, small farmers are increasing, middle and small farmers are decreasing. 30,000 farmers with more than 10 hectares of land have 3 lakh hectares.

Medium farmers with 4 to 10 hectares of land are declining at the rate of 1 percent per year. Large farmers with more than 10 hectares of land are getting 10 less every year. Thus in 10 years, large farmers will be only 2 to 4 percent.

What is the difference between BJP and Congress?

After independence, Saurashtra became a separate state. In 1948, Congress leader and independent fighter, Chief Minister Dhebarbhai ended zamindari by 1953. At that time there were 4415 villages and cities in Saurashtra. The land of agriculture, villages, and cities was owned by 222 states and 51,700 families of the king. Chief Minister Dhebarbhai of the Congress Government did a very good job in getting his 30 lakh acres of land to the farmers. 7 lakh acres of land remained with the princely states. From now on, he has no more than 2 lakh hectares.

This is a clear distinction between BJP and Congress. The Congress gave land to the farmers. The BJP is giving land to corporates. Vijay Rupami has started allowing land to companies.

Both the chief ministers were from Rajkot. But one has benefited the farmers, the other Rupani and Modi have brought the plight of the farmers.

When Congress had governments, millions of unemployed bean farmers were self-sufficient by giving them agricultural land. The BJP government is making farmers non-farmers. As is evident from the above figures.

Strict rules

The BJP government has made strict rules that only companies like Adani or Reliance can get government land. The rules of the Department of Agriculture are such that neither farmers nor common people can take that land. The process of giving 125 acres of land to companies has started on the Kisan Eye portal. Rupani Khul is the giver of land. Each must prepare a project report. There is a demand for 200 people on one land. Its registration has started. But the government will reject the demands of the common people. Because the best offer will be given to the land. Hence the petition of the common people is to be rejected by Chief Minister Rupani. The land which is sent on this land will be given only to those who send it out of Gujarat. It is clear that only the land will be given to the corporate only.

What is the plan?

The state has formulated an agricultural policy to increase arable land. The government has decided to give non-fertile barren, fallow government land on long-term lease. In which horticultural and medicinal crops will be provided. For horticulture and medicinal crops in this district, 20,000 hectares of non-fertile government land in the state will be allotted on a 30-year lease.

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