Mucor mycosis is on the rise, most patients in Rajkot, black market of injections

Gandhinagar, 13 May 2021
105 patients of mucosar mycosis were admitted to the Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad on Monday. 86 new cases have been reported in 2 days. It can have a total of 800 patients at 3 other places in the state. The arrival of new patients is coming from various city districts including Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Jamnagar at Ahmedabad Civil Hospital.

There are 191 patients undergoing treatment for mucosal mycosis in Ahmedabad. In Ahmedabad, 55 patients have been admitted to the civil hospital on the 12th and 72nd. In the last 2 days, 3 patients have been admitted every 1 hour. Presently 250 have been arranged in the Civil Hospital. Out of 250, 221 beds have been filled. Only 15 percent of the beds are empty.

The Civil Hospital has 5 wards.

Among the 4 metros of Gujarat, Rajkot has the highest number of mucositis patients. There are 50 cases per day in Rajkot. The preparation of 500 beds is shown in Rajkot.

There is also a shortage of ejections.

At present 191 patients are in civil, out of which 50 patients are from Ahmedabad, the remaining 141 are from different city districts of Gujarat.

The Civil Dental College has 27 patients.

Diabetes, less immunity, more cases have been reported in patients recovering from corona.

Kidney, liver, cancer, transplanted person’s immunity is low. A person who has been given a steroid injection is more likely to have mucor mycosis.

If you have bad breath, you should go to the hospital immediately.

The eyes are dim.

What are the symptoms of infection?

Pain, fever, headache around the eyes and nose
Cough, phlegm, shortness of breath
Bloody vomiting
Dark or blood-colored fluid coming out of the nose. Nose, swelling, pain or sensation

Why does fungal infection occur?

Uncontrolled, high diabetes
Steroid Overuse
Admitted to ICU for a long time
Cancer after transplant
Use of voriconazole
If the patient’s equipment does not remain clean after prolonged oxygen therapy

What to do

Keep blood sugar under control
The patient of corona diabetes should continue to measure glucose
Use steroids as advised by doctors
Use clean, hygienic, oxygen therapy or equipment
Use antibiotics as needed

The cost of 1700 injections is now seven thousand?

There is a severe shortage of amphotericin B injections, which can cause great harm to human life if the government does not facilitate injection soon. The price of the injection was around 1700 two months ago. Although now it is about 7 thousand. Private hospitals charge 5 to 7 times the cost from patients.

22 cases were registered in Gandhinagar Civil Hospital in Mehsana

Eight patients of Mucoria have also been registered at Gandhinagar Civil Hospital. In which two patients recovering from corona showed signs of mucus.

Lions Hospital in Mehsana currently has mucosis in about 22 patients. Out of which 15 patients have undergone surgery for mucosis.

A separate ward of 200 patients, 500 beds will be started in Rajkot Civil. Currently 5 to 7 operations are being done daily. Most of the 200 patients require severe type of surgery.

What is the disease

The corona virus has compounded a disease known as mucoria. Diabetes patients should monitor sugar. Removing a patient’s eye is the most painful for us.

Is it a fatal disease?

Caused by a fungus called mucosa. Which are usually present in the environment. Currently the disease has a mortality rate of over 50%.

Recognizing early symptoms and starting treatment as soon as possible is the only way to recover from the disease.

Occurs in people with low immunity. Leukocytes are low on HIV, cancer or immunosuppressive steroid medication.

Patients with uncontrolled diabetes have an increased risk of developing mucosal infection.

Early symptoms

The patient is not able to sleep at night due to chewing of teeth, loose teeth and severe pain on the face. Headache, pain in eyes and jaw area. There is swelling.

Diagnosis is made by biopsy, CT scan, and endoscopy.

Treatment may be with drugs, surgical debridment, or both. Surgical debridment is the only remedy if the patient is admitted with necrosis. Surgical treatment may be necessary to remove fungal areas such as eyelids, nasal mucosa (nasal skin), sinuses, and tooth decay.

Amphetoricin B is the primary treatment option. Antifungals such as posaconazole and isuvaconazole are used.

Must wear masks and cover body parts.

Non-diabetic diabetes-19 patient should continue to measure blood glucose levels.(translated from Gujarati)