Save Indigenous Heritage Mango Variety Andolan in Gujarat, grafting of native black leaf mangoes to fight climate change

Successful use of harvesting of native black leaf mangoes to fight water-climate change of Kesar mango, nursery among farmers of Gir

Amadavad, 8 November 2020

Mansukhbhai Suvagia, who traveled all over Gujarat and received quality information of mangoes, has been reported that there are 8,000 types of native mangoes in the Gir region alone. There are many varieties that have more sweetness, more flavor, aroma and color than Kesar mangoes. Out of these, 200 varieties of mangoes have been grafted and the garden has been prepared. 150 years old mangoes still exist in Gir. Which is bigger than a banyan tree.

Current Kesar mangoes range in age from 30 to 50 years. Because it is put Kesar on the Rajpuri plant in grafts. Which increases rapidly. But longevity and productivity are low. Most of the Gir nurseries are cheating farmers by planting Kesar on Rajpuri mango plants. In fact, Kesar should be grafted on the plants of native mangoes whose leaves are black. Its bark should be mixed with another plant. Its root should be cut from the bottom so that its root spreads all around. If this is done, then Kesar mangoes are able to fight the current climate change.

90 percent of species become extinct

It is said that there are 600-700 varieties of mangoes in India. These include Hafus, Pyari, Langado, Dasheri, Totapuri, Rajapuri, Kesar. But in fact mango is a tree which is different from every native tree. With the introduction of mango cultivation, 90 percent of the original varieties of mangoes have become extinct. There is a movement in Saurashtra to save the heritage mango. Girnar, Gir, Abu, Panchmarhi, Madhya Pradesh and Tapogiri grow the best mangoes in Western India from all over the world. In this movement 100 indigenous mangoes are being grown in every village.

Each village had several varieties of mangoes.

In 1950, there were indigenous varieties of mangoes in every village in Saurashtra, Dang, Ambaji, Valsad, Gujarat. Every mango in the village was of a different type. Everyone’s taste was different. They are all cut. The sweetness, aroma and durability of 25 per cent of mangoes was higher than that of Kesar-hafus. All those mangoes are 90 percent extinct. Such agitators are saying 6% of the country’s mangoes are grown in Gujarat.

Kesar mango is grown on the sea coast of Saurashtra.

Kesar mango is a red, orange thickened juice and aromatic mango, but the best Kesar mango is aromatic juice, a thinly flavored water, which is the best mango for rejuvenation. Mango made of golden thin juice is common. There are few white mangoes left in Saurashtra. White, Dhio are good varieties in nutrition. Phone 02827252509 – Mansukhbhai Suvagiya dug a pit himself and sowed 1000 native mangoes.

Beauty of pen

Plant native mango plants on 15 days old plants and apply good quality mango shoot (cyan). To make grafts talk to Anand Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya on 02692262375 – 290250.

Grafted plants have maternal characteristics. Produces in early 4-5 years. The size of the tree, the quality of the fruit, the first fruit comes. Mango variety can be improved with peg grafts. Leaves healthy, red, shiny, passionate grafting. The thickness of the rope and the top should be the same. The bark should be found, the joint of the pen should be found. Choose not to have string marks on the joints. Grafts from government nurseries are well received,

7 varieties in one mango

Yakub Suleman Sidat, a farmer from Kathodara village in Surat district, has made 7 varieties of native mango, Kali, Totapuri, Indus, Amrapali, Hur and two other varieties on one mango.

35 varieties in one mango

A common in Samasuddinbhai’s field of Sasan Gir is challenging for scientists. 35 varieties of mangoes are produced at one time. Desi Mango, Kit, Maya, 13-1, Sensation, 13-3, Corey, Dudhpendo, Bombay Effus, Giriraj, Gajrio, Ratna, Nileshwari, Indian Sagar, Chosa, Hafas Mango, Parrot Mango, Lame Mango. In which 35 varieties of mangoes of the country and abroad are hanging. The color, shape, leaf, taste are all different from mangoes. Now they are preparing 80 varieties of mangoes on another mango.

100 varieties on one mango

There are 550 farmers’ gardens in Bhalchail village of Sasan. In Bhalchell village, a farmer has grown 100 varieties of mangoes in his mango orchard on a single mango. Worked hard for 5 years. There are many varieties, both domestic and foreign. He toured the country and abroad.

There is a 112 year old Hafus mango tree in the mango orchard of farmer Gautam Nayak of Umsadi village in Valsad.