Modi’s TOY connection to reliance and Rs.1500 crore museum

Gandhinagar, 3 September 2020

Why the Prime Minister spoke about the toy on August 30, 2020? Secret is hidden in 1500 crores rupees. In Gujarat, Modi has announced a project to construct a 1,500 crore rupee toy museum. Another mystery is that Ambani bought a 260-year-old toy company called HAMLEYS in 620 crores (70 million euros) from a Chinese company C.Banner International Holdings Ltd. previous year. Why did Modi start marketing toys? This mystery is no longer a mystery after this connection coming to light.

It is going to become the largest toy museum in the country with a budget of Rs 1,500 crore, to be built on 30 acres of land. It will be under the Bal Bhavan project of the state’s Bal University. From ancient times to modern times more than 11 lakh toys will be on display. These toy will introduce scientists, artists and great men. Gujarat government says this will help people to know Indian culture better.

A toy museum will be set up between the villages of Shahpur and Ratanpur near Gift City in the state capital Gandhinagar. It will take 5 years to built.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself is supervising the project. On 22 August 2020, the Prime Minister held an online dialogue for this. In it, he asked Children’s University to make a presentation on the Toy Museum project. Modi has said that Children’s University should work with full vigor in this scheme.

Toy Museum

Rs 1500 crore museum will have domestic and scientific toys with help of ISRO-DRDO. Children’s universities will develop those science of toys. Toys that promote culture and science will be made after psychological research.

Here toy like electronic, battery and solar based small spacecraft, Prithvi missile, Agni missile, satellite etc. will be built with the help of DRDO and ISRO.

At 30,000 square meters, the Brancer is currently home to the world’s largest toy museum in the United States. The museum currently houses more than 10 lakhs ancient and modern toys.

Every year, toys worth more than Rs 2,500 crore are imported from China to India. Now after boycott china Reliance has the resources and a company HAMLEYS with 260 years of experience in toy making to take over that market.

The plan of Bal Bhavan is to be prepared and presented to Prime Minister within a month. After Prime Minister approves the plan, construction work of the project will begin. Children’s University has asked for a total of 100 acres of land from the government for this project.