Seeked government approval for construction of 5000 small solar energy projects in Gujarat

Gandhinagar, 5 January 2021

Approval has been sought for 5192 projects in the state in the three months from October to December 2020 for small solar power projects with a capacity of 500 kW to 4 MW.

Capacity for 3536 small solar projects. In which 1766 projects of 1283 MW in North Gujarat, 2945 projects of 1955 MW in West Gujarat, 168 projects of 118 MW in South Gujarat and 313 projects of 180 MW in Central Gujarat have been received.

Under the policy announced by the state government, any individual, farmer, co-operative society, company or entity formed by them, can set up a small scale power project of .5 MW to 4 MW and this energy can be transferred to the power companies of the state. Can sell to

The state’s power companies will enter into a 25-year contract to purchase the energy produced. The energy produced by Gujarat Energy Development Corporation Limited is purchased for 20 paise more than the price fixed in the bidding process for projects other than solar parks.

Those who have private land can lease private land or lease private land for the term of PPA.

Government land will not be given for use for any project under the policy. In addition, no power plant with a capacity of more than 4 MW can be set up under this scheme.

Farmers in the state will be able to earn income by setting up projects on their own barren land or leasing the land. Establishment of such small solar projects will also provide employment opportunities in the region.

For the first time in the country, the state announced the implementation of a small-scale distributed solar project policy. Small power producers who cannot participate in solar parks, such as farmers, small entrepreneurs, cooperatives or companies, are extremely blessed to set up solar projects.

Therefore, small power producers who are not able to set up large solar projects can set up such small solar projects on their private land or on private land lease.