Bathua is thrown into the wheat field as a weed, but it is the best herb for cancer and heart disease

Gandhinagar, 4 December 2020

The Bathua plant grows on its own along with the rabi crop in Gujarat. Weeds grow best with winter wheat. Wheat is grown on 13 lakh hectares in Gujarat. It grows as a weed in all fields. But farmers throw it by spraying weeds or considering it as weeds. Thousands of tons of Bathua have been abandoned. Now farmers will come forward for their cultivation with new information.

45 lakh hectare

In Gujarat, sowing has been done in about 4.5 million hectares in winter. In which millions of tons of Bathua Bhaji or what is called Bathua in Hindi is thrown. If it is used in every household, vegetables will become cheaper. Many diseases can be prevented. The farmers have not paid much attention in this regard. Now scientific evidence has been found that farmers can present it to the public as a valuable agricultural product.

Its use in winter helps to keep many diseases away. It is used for medicine and cooking. Its use in winter keeps many diseases away. Experiments conducted by a laboratory in Ahmedabad have proved that it is useful in many diseases. It is also used as a vegetable-curry-paratha for many years in Gujarat. But its medicinal importance is less known.

The research

The role of the Wagdhara Institute and the Banswara Institute led him to test the Bathua in a laboratory in Ahmedabad under the Nutrition Sensitive Farming Mechanism Project, giving official information on improved nutrients. In which its use has been able to bring good results in many diseases like cancer, heart disease, blood pressure.

Green and red Bathua juice is best

It is more beneficial if drunk in green juice. The Bathua is used as a vegetable or greens. Very few people know the merits of which. Its use in winter helps to keep many diseases away. The field grows automatically without any special labor and care. This one and a half foot green plant is full of many qualities. The Bathua is more useful in red than in green. It is uprooted from the field as a weed.


Used in paratha and raita. The best Bhaji is made which is beneficial in weakness of the metal by eating. Boiled water tastes good and raita made in curd is delicious. Boiled leaves can be eaten in curd. Used in Khakhara, Puri, Bhajia, Farsana.

To boil

Pour half a kg of Bathua with three glasses of water and drink it boiled. And add lemon, cumin, black pepper and salt.

Gandhiji’s favorite vegetable

Gandhiji’s favorite vegetable was. Gandhi’s Wardha ashram was made daily as a vegetable. Bathuali vegetables were made when vegetables were expensive.

The elements

Bathua or Bathua leaves have the highest levels of vitamins A and D. 11300 IU is found. Vitamin A is the most abundant. The leaves contain essential oils, iron, potash and aluminovinoids. Calcium, phosphorus and potassium are also used to cure many diseases. Alkali are found. It contains more vitamins and minerals than amla. Their consumption is healthier than fish oil.

The opinion of the Vaido of Ahmedabad is as follows.


Calms Tridosha (talk, yellow, phlegm). It is cold in nature. It is also helpful in cleansing and increasing blood. The seed cleans body dirt, removes marks from the face. Relieves pain. Menstruation will come clean. Many doctors in Ahmedabad say that to cure swelling and redness in the eyes, you should eat Bathuae vegetables daily. Green Bathua is beneficial in post-fever weakness and body weakness. Useful for eyes. The tone (throat) sweetens. Strength increases.

Useful in all stomach diseases

Helps to cure all types of stomach diseases, such as gas, worms, pain, piles. There is no kidney stone. Strengthens the stomach. Heals the liver. Eliminates stomach bugs. Increases interest in food. Eating continuously eliminates constipation of the stomach. Red Bathuae is used in urinary difficulty. Drinking boiled leaves is very beneficial for constipation, kidney-liver, jaundice, gallbladder, inflammation. Relieves stomach worms. Stomach diseases disappear. Urination comes easily by mixing jaggery in the juice of the leaf. Piss comes out by drinking juice. Stomach feels light. Digestion, Increases appetite. Reduces urination pain. Taking advantage of loss of appetite, indigestion, sour belching. If children are fed continuously for a few days, their stomach worms will die. Bathua is also beneficial in stomach pain.

Cancer, TB, heart disease, blood pressure

Useful for fighting mouth and lung cancer. For TB cough, eating it in almond oil is beneficial. Red Bathual Bathua is a heart strengthener. Taking its leaves can prevent a heart attack. Heart disease may reduce the risk of stroke. Research has yielded good results. Eating seeds crushed with honey reduces blood pressure.

Skin disease

Drinking regular juice kills insects. Add lactose seeds to a spoonful of honey and lick it. Insects also die and the bleeding disappears it happens. Skin diseases like white spots, scabies, itching, boils etc. Rub the skin with boiled water. Take a raw leaf, bathed and squeeze the juice. Mix half a cup of sesame oil in two cups of juice and heat it on low heat. When oil remains after burning, put it in a bottle and apply it regularly to skin diseases. Will get benefit Boil the leaves and drink its juice and eat its vegetable also provides relief in skin diseases like white spots, boils pimples and itching.

Head lice

The lice, boiled in dandruff and washed with water from the head, will kill the lice.

To clean the blood

When eaten with the juice of bile and 4-5 neem leaves, the blood is purified from within. In addition, improves blood circulation.

Bathua should always be eaten in moderation because it contains a very high amount of oxalic acid. Eating too much can also cause diarrhea.

Chewing raw leaves is beneficial in bad breath, pyorrhea and other dental problems.

Mix a limited quantity of Bathuae and Giloy juice in jaundice, then taking 25-30 grams of this mixture twice a day will be beneficial.

Washing the colored and silky clothes with its boil keeps stains and color safe. (translated from Gujarati)