Shelter for children lost to their parents in Corona, 3 thousand to be given assistance

Gandhinagar, 13 May 2021
In Gujarat, assistance of Rs 3,000 per month has been announced for children whose parents have died in the Corona epidemic.

If any child is brought by any of his relatives, the child will get Rs. Will be assisted.

If the child’s father has died in Corona and the mother remarries after leaving the child, up to the age of 18, Rs.3000 per month per child will be provided under the foster parent scheme.

In addition, parents of children who have been hospitalized due to coronary heart disease and who have no one to take care of their children will be admitted to the following institutions. Ahmedabad 9558878265, 9265173664, 8980841832, 9426082566, 9427050270, 9898019442, 9426077550 For admission of children, Child Welfare Committee has to be contacted and approval obtained.