Soil Satyagraha will begin from March 30

Dandi, 29 March 2021
The well-known farmers and social leaders of the country will take the land of Gujarat, the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar, and will give the message of unity of the country in the form of ‘soil satyagraha’. On March 30, the sweet satyagraha will take soil from a stalk and sow the seeds to keep alive the nectar-like values ​​of the freedom movement.

The yatra will carry soil from various places on the Dandi path of Gujarat.

Under the leadership of the farmers, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who received the title of ‘Sardar’ during the independence movement, will visit the Bardoli Satyagraha and his place of birth and receive the inspiration and blessings of the Satyagraha.

Citizens, farmers, fishermen, and leaders of Gujarat will give the soil of their village ‘Mitti Satyagraha’ Yatra in the form of unity of the country and farmers and citizens.

The memories of the freedom struggle will be refreshed through the ‘Mitti Satyagraha’ in the year of the Amrit Festival of Independence of India. It is a journey to New India that has the message of preserving and preserving the values ​​enshrined by the Constitution. Dandi to Delhi from 30 March to 5 April. The yatra will visit various Satyagraha sites in Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab including Gujarat. The journey took the soil there. Will reach Delhi on 5 April. The yatra in Gujarat will pass on 30 and 31 March.

Ek Hai Mati Ek Hai Log – This message will give the message of the unity of India and the freedom and protection achieved by fighting against injustice.

The foundation of India’s culture and the economy is a single agricultural sector, with production facing cattle rather than milk production and fishing through animal husbandry. In support of the movement that has been going on on the border of Delhi for more than 120 days, the soil is being collected in every state of India from the historical sites of the time of the freedom movement.

Gandhi, Sardar, Dr. This soil will remind the birthplace of many famous and anonymous freedom fighters like Ambedkar, Bhagat Singh, Ashfaqulla and the freedom struggle from the motherland. Soil is being collected by many citizens and leaders of the country. Inspired by these sculptors of Indian independence. Clay Satyagraha is being done across the country to present his case in a peaceful and democratic manner. One is Mati, one is Lok’s message.

In Gujarat, the yatra will visit places like Dandi, Bardoli, Umrachi, Bharuch, Karamsad, Gandhi Ashram, etc. for soil and blessings. A handful of soil will be sent from many villages of Gujarat in this soil satyagraha and the message of unity of the country and citizens will be sent to Delhi.

Many organizations in Gujarat have expressed their support for this visit. Gujarat women’s organizations, social organizations, tribal groups, fishermen’s organizations, pastoral groups, and peasant organizations have expressed their support for the yatra. (translated from Gujarati)

Subsidiary organization
Neeta Mahadev, Gujarat Lok Samiti 9724082788
Ramesh Patel (Orama), South Gujarat Peasant Society 9427829481
Dahibhai Gajera, Gujarat Kisan Sabha
Dev Desai, Gujarat Social Forum 9970704474
Mujahid Nafees, Minorities Coordination Committee
Krishnakant Chauhan, NAPM