Terrorists come to Gujarat only during elections

Dilip Patel
Ahmedabad, May 21, 2024 (Google translation from Gujarati)
An oath against terrorism is being taken in government offices of Gujarat. Anti-Terrorism Day is celebrated every year on 21 May to keep the citizens of the country away from terrorism and violence. Under this day, anti-terrorism oath is being taken by employees and participants in all government offices and private units of Gandhinagar. When elections come, extremists also start coming to Gujarat.

Anti-Terrorism Day
Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in a bomb blast on 21 May 1991. Rajiv Gandhi went to Sriperumbudur (Tamil Nadu) to attend an election rally. Before the rally, Rajiv Gandhi was walking while accepting the greetings of the people. Then the terrorist organization Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) killed him with a suicide bomb by hiding explosives. After this, the VP Singh government announced to celebrate May 21 as Anti-Terrorism Day in memory of Rajiv Gandhi. Since then this day is celebrated.

Earlier in 2002, there were attacks in Godhra before the elections.

In the subsequent elections, the Gujarat Police kept killing the people who came to kill BJP leaders, calling them terrorists.

A terrorist incident has come to light in Gujarat before Terrorism Day. The Home Minister tried to make the issue of terrorism an election issue in the Lok Sabha elections.

On 13 September 2022, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that despite having such a large sea and land border, not having a single terrorist incident in Gujarat in a year is a major achievement, this has also strengthened the anti-drug campaign of the Government of India.

On 4 May 2024, Amit Shah said in Bodeli that Narendra Modi’s government has wiped out terrorists from India. Terrorism is over.

The Gujarat government had made several efforts to pass the GUJKOTOK Act against terrorism in Gujarat. In 12 years, GUJKOTOC was passed in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly under the new name of The Gujarat Control of Terrorism and Organised Crime Bill, 2015 with minor amendments. Police in place of judges and 120 days of detention remain controversial.

Despite this, extremists are coming to Gujarat.

What is terrorism?

Terrorism has been prevalent throughout history. Until now only governments had the weapons of organised violence. Terrorists have broken these leases. It challenges the legitimacy of the government and its actions. Violence to achieve a political or religious objective. It has been carried out by political organisations, nationalist and hereditary groups, revolutionaries, the military and the government’s private police.

On 20 May 2024, four terrorists were arrested from Adani Airport in Ahmedabad in Gujarat. A native of Sri Lanka and a terrorist of Islamic State. It was not the Gujarat Police but the spy agency of the central government that asked to arrest the four people. He was taken to an undisclosed location and questioned. Some people are involved in Ahmedabad and Gujarat.

A certain person was to be attacked.

3 IPL teams were to come to Ahmedabad.

Many terrorist incidents are taking place in Gujarat.

In December 2023, Gujarat ATS arrested 6 suspected terrorists from Godhra.

2022 Gujarat
Kishan Bharwad was shot dead in Dhanduka, Gujarat in the 2022 elections. Kishan termed the social media post as ‘blasphemy’. It was a pre-planned conspiracy carried out by Pakistan-backed jihadist network.

IS Khorasan
Gujarat ATS detained five people. Those who were associated with IS Khorasan. Three suspects named Umaid Mir, Hanan Shol and Mohammad Hajim from Srinagar were detained from Porbandar railway station.

Akshardham Temple Attack
On 24 September 2002, terrorists of Lashkar-e-Mohammed and Jaish-e-Mohammed attacked the Akshardham Temple in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, killing 31 innocent civilians and injuring 80 people.

Ahmedabad Serial Bomb Blast
On 26 July 2008, 20 bomb blasts took place in Ahmedabad in two hours, killing more than 50 innocent civilians.

Terror in India
There is a big difference between the figures given by Amit Shah and the current figures given in the RTI. Amit Shah gave lower figures. During the debate in the Rajya Sabha, Amit Shah said that during the tenure of the Modi government from 2014 to 2023, about two thousand incidents have taken place in Jammu and Kashmir due to terrorism.

More than 42 thousand people have lost their lives due to terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir.

According to Amit Shah, ceasefire has been violated 6 times in 2023.

Between 1994 and 2004, there were 40,164 terrorist incidents in Jammu and Kashmir.

From 2004 to 2013, there were 9,321 terrorist attacks in which 4,005 terrorists were killed and 878 others were arrested.

From 2014 to August 2022, there were 2,132 terrorist incidents in which 1,538 terrorists were killed and 1,432 were arrested.

There have been 11,453 terrorist attacks in 18 years. 5,543 terrorists were killed and 2,310 terrorists were arrested.

221 terrorists killed in the year 2020

Under NDA rule

151 terrorist attacks in 2014, 110 killed, 70 arrested

143 incidents in 2015, 108 killed and 67 arrested

223 attacks in 2016, 150 people killed and 79 arrested

279 incidents in 2017, 213 killed and 97 arrested

417 attacks in 2018, 257 killed and 105 arrested

255 incidents in 2019, 157 killed and 115 arrested

244 attacks in 2020,

221 killed and 328 arrested


180 killed in 95 incidents in Jammu and Kashmir in 2021

1 killed in 111 incidents in Jammu and Kashmir in 2022

87 people were killed.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said near the effigy of Gujarat Sardar that terrorism has ended in Modi Raj. After this statement, Congress leader Paresh Dhanani said, “This is a big lie and there were 3043 terrorist incidents from 2014 to 2021.” The killing of 40 soldiers in Pulwama was the biggest incident in history.

Jammu Kashmir
Two terror attacks before elections in Jammu and Kashmir: A tourist couple from Jaipur was shot in Anantnag, two days ago a BJP leader was shot dead in Shopian.

A CRPF jawan was attacked in Pulwama, Kashmir on 14 February 2019 before the Lok Sabha elections. The Indian Air Force retaliated and destroyed the terrorist camps.

With only 3 days left for the Gujarat Assembly Elections 2022, all leaders from Prime Minister Narendra Modi tried to attract voters on the issue of terrorism and security in Gujarat. He also spoke about terrorism in Surat and the serial bomb blasts in Ahmedabad-Surat on Sunday evening. (Google translation from Gujarati)