Controversial CR Patil recruited as Gujarat’s new BJP state president, Congress benefits

CR Patil has finally been appointed as the new State President of Gujarat, Patil is a BJP MP from Navsari, He is considered very close to PM Modi, At the end of Jitu Waghan’s term, the BJP High Command has handed over the reins of Gujarat to CR Patil, who has experienced and mastered the strategy.

He was earlier also given responsibility in the Maharashtra elections. BJP national president JP Nadda has ratified the appointment. So far there have been discussions that a Patidar leader in Gujarat will be made the BJP state president of Gujarat, but these discussions have gone wrong. Now there is a possibility of expansion of the cabinet in Gujarat soon.
On the other hand, with Hardik Patel holding an important position in the Congress, the BJP has also given the reins of Gujarat to an experienced leader like CR Patil as part of its next strategy.

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