Gandhi Ashram house eviction scam

Ahmedabad, 20 May 2024 (Google translation from Gujarati)

A new Sabarmati Ashram is being built. In which the government has given compensation for vacating 289 houses. For one house, Rs 60 lakh to Rs 1.20 crore is paid per family or per house. There is a big scam in this. At least 18 such houses have been compensated for which compensation could not be given.

This includes drivers, cleaners, personal assistants and sons-in-law of BJP leaders. Which also includes their family members.

The government has allocated Rs 1246 crore for Sabarmati Ashram. In which the responsibility of preparing the project has been given to the trusted architect of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The scam started with the trusted people of Narendra Modi.

Houses like Pandit Line, 7 room, 10 room stadium which were built during Gandhiji’s time. His legacy has been planted, they will take care of it. From 1915 to 1951, there were 65 houses which were inherited. Out of which 45 houses are left at present, other houses were demolished due to the mismanagement of Gandhi Ashram in the past. The roofs of such houses are being removed. The buildings are mostly being built afresh with the bricks of their heritage line. Which will retain its original state.

In Gandhiji’s time, the ashram was on 100 acres. Now living in 2 acres. The new ashram is being built in a total of 55 acres. Which also includes Jamnalal Bajaj Kutia.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a program of ‘Ashram Bhoomi Vandana’ Bhoomi Pujan in Ahmedabad on Dandi March Day on 12 March 2024. Before that, many houses were to be demolished. Ahmedabad Collector, Chief Minister’s Secretary K Kailash Nathan, MI Patel, Police Officer Gautam Parmar are handling the entire ashram.

This government has spent crores of rupees for Gandhiji, a symbol of simplicity. A project of 1246 crores has been made. Luxurious expenditure of crores, they are working against Gandhiji’s principle of transparency. The ashram is being built against simplicity.

The Mahatma Gandhi Sabarmati Ashram Reconstruction Project has been started. At present 124 houses have been demolished. The work of demolishing other houses is going on. The construction of the new ashram will take two years. The tender has been issued.

After returning to India from South Africa, Gandhiji laid the foundation of an ashram on the banks of the Sabarmati river in Ahmedabad in 1917. It was the main center of the freedom movement. He made strategies for the non-violent freedom movement against the British and awakened the countrymen for independence. Now it is being saffronised. Sukhshama is committing atrocities by violence. Cases of corruption have come to light in the payment of housing assistance here.

The ashram has been known since 1917 i.e. 106 years. But Narendra Modi wants to give his identity. Now the soul of Gandhiji’s thought will not exist. There are memories of the life of Mahatma Gandhi, who gave the message of truth, non-violence and peace. Which are no longer here. In which corruption has been added.

While maintaining the simplicity and monuments of the main ashram, 20 old houses will be preserved, 13 houses will be renovated and 3 houses will be redeveloped. There are 46 houses here. The government does not have possession of Hrid Kunj, Magan Niwas, Meera Cottage, Guest House and 4 other houses built on 2.50 acres of land in the development. The government illegally occupied the remaining houses by forming a trust.

It was the center of freedom fighters, a place of self-discovery and a school of life values. There, dictatorial bureaucracy and Gandhiji’s values ​​have been swept away into the river. The fragrance of Gandhiji’s legacy, simplicity and thoughts is still present in every particle here. Now there is government dictatorship here. Laws and rules are broken here.

The ashram has been a witness to Gandhiji’s high ideals, values ​​and simple life. Now all these are not allowed to come here. The government has illegally taken away the rights of 12 trusts by forming its own new trust. Now the government trust has entered here illegally and occupied the properties. While working on the project, the APS officer threatened many people here and said that whatever money Mamlatdar gives, take it. And nothing else was given. Such bullying was done here. That is why most of the people are leaving with money or flats.


The trustees are sitting silent. If any work is done by Gandhi Ashram and the government can help in it. But it is not appropriate for the government to step into Gandhi Ashram in any way. Even the British did not step into the ashram. Gandhi Ashram needs to be maintained as it is. The trustees who approved the renovation are most responsible. Who allowed the government to come illegally.

Kailashnathan, IK Patel and Gautam Parmar worked on the project against Gandhiji’s principles. Repeated representations have been made to them in this regard.

A notice was issued by the Central Government to various organizations running on the land of Gandhi Ashram with a request to cooperate ‘for the purpose of development’. Notice was given to the residents of Gandhi Ashram. This was only an indirect threat, expecting that the trust will cooperate with the government in the development work of Gandhiashram. There was no other detail in the notice. There was no clarification in the notice about what kind of development, what they want to do, what are the plans, what are the expectations. However, the Naft trustees were ready to cooperate with the government.

The Khadi Sanstha Trust has 40,000 square meters of land. Which has staff, laboratory, Charkha museum, Charkha parts.

These are made from this. This notice has been given by the Khadi and Village Industries Commission.

Sudarshan Iyengar, the trustee of the Sabarmati Ashram Conservation and Memorial Trust, is most responsible for this.

He destroyed the Gandhi Ashram and also destroyed Gujarat Vidyapeeth. In buildings like Hridaykunj, Mirakutir, Vinoba Bhavekutir, we can say on the basis of the court that there should be no change but what will happen is a question.

Development has somewhere taken away the simplicity and peace of the Gandhi Ashram. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is desecrating the ashram.

Kartikeya Sarabhai, the trustee of the Gandhi Conservation and Memorial Trust, is responsible for Gandhi’s death. He has always supported the saffron British BJP. Modi was defended. Gandhiji’s ideas have been murdered by Kartikeya Sarabhai and Sudarshan Iyengar. Neither the trust nor the trustees opposed it. The government entered the ashram illegally without anyone’s permission.

Here is an arbitrary amount for the driver of a former Chief Minister. Here an arbitrary amount has been given to a special man of Modi.

The rehabilitation policy keeps changing every time. A lot of unethical things have happened in return. Some have been bribed in cash. For rehabilitation, Rs. 350 crores are believed to have been spent. The details of which have not been given by the government.

Krunal Rathod’s family has also gone to the High Court for compensation. They live in Jamnalal Bajaj’s bungalow. In which Bajaj Kutir is located. This building does not belong to the Gandhi Ashram but to the then industrialist Bajaj.

Karan Soni also lives in Jamna’s hut. He has a family of three. The court rejected his appeal. Two cheques of 90 lakhs have been given. They went to court but they did not get justice like others before. So they are going to appeal before a bench of two judges. The government issued a notice for Jamna’s hut.

A rehabilitation committee was formed but government officials dissolved it. The police officer threatened to show power and ordered to vacate the house. Everyone was told to take the money and vacate the house.

On March 25, 2023, a committee member J.B. Desai threatened to run the bulldozer. For two years, the people here protested. Many applications have been given to Ahmedabad Collector Dhawal Patel.

If they did not want to take the cheque in exchange for vacating the house, then the cheque was forcibly deposited in their account.

Tushar Gandhi went to court. His application was rejected.

Violation of law

The Right to Information Act has been violated. The displaced people here were not given details. He replied that he had not received the RTI. Many people fought against it and obtained information. The Ahmedabad Collector has responded.

Charity laws are openly violated here. Many people were threatened by the officials.

Housewife Manisha Parmar demolished. Went to give Rs 60 lakh in cash. Her house was demolished in the presence of the Panchs. They did not want to leave this house. Now they live in a hostel. His belongings have been kept in a flat and the government has also issued him a notice to recover the rent for those belongings.

A case has been filed against BJP’s son-in-law

Jayesh Patel and Trust. The chairman and former charity commissioner Vinay Vyas has obtained all the evidence. An inquiry committee has been formed on the orders of Amit Shah. There was an income tax raid on the daughter of a leader. Then an inquiry committee was formed against Patel. He received a lot of money by receiving foreign donations. Many of his people have been given house finance here or at the behest of Kailashnathan. That is why Amit Shah dislikes this. In 1995, an illegal trust named Manav Sadhna was registered in house number 136 in front of Pandit Chali. (Google translation from Gujarati)