The revenue of this state increased by 13% but the revenue of Modi government decreased by 14%

In July, the collection of State Goods and Services Tax (SGST) in Odisha increased by 13.04 per cent year-on-year to Rs 794.02 crore. This has increased despite the economic recession and the corona virus epidemic. An official gave information about him on Sunday. The SGST collection of Odisha in the same month a year ago was Rs. 702.44 crores. Explain that in July, the central government decreased 14.36 per cent from GST to Rs 87,000 crore.

The country’s economic situation had deteriorated even before Corona and now after Corona it has become terrible. Due to which the income of all the states of India has reduced except this one state. In Gujarat, there is a steep decline. Odisha saw an increase in GST collections in July. This is the first time in the current financial year when Odisha’s SGST collection has increased by a month. Earlier, SGST collections were reported in April, May and June. The reason for the increase in July is oversight.