Traders cheated 50,000 people in Gujarat

Gandhinagar, 14 April 2021

In 5 years, the consumer has registered 50 thousand complaints in district consumer forums across the state about open loot in Gujarat. More than 8000 complaints have been filed before the State Commission. Merchants rob malls, industries.

Consumer Protection Department
Complaints can be lodged with 38 Consumer Protection Forums and 26 District Commissions in all districts of the state if they are unfair, fraudulent or charged to the consumer in excess of the printed price in the purchase of any item.

State commission

At the state level, a working or retired officer of the District Judge level has been appointed as the Chairman of the Commission. Complaints or complaints up to Rs 1 crore are made to the District Commission. Claims above Rs 1 crore and up to Rs 5 crore are settled by the State Commission.

7500 disposal of offenses

Every year around 2000 cases come to the State Commission. Settlement of the case at an average of 5 years is 91.4 percent. That is, 8283 cases were registered against which 7541 cases were settled.

10 thousand complaints in the district forum

The district forum receives an average of more than 10,000 complaints every year. The year 2019 saw 13315 complaints. Out of 50,555 cases filed in the district forum, 80 percent of cases have been disposed of.